Bust’s Craftaculars came back with a bang, and we are exploding at the seams with some amazing raffle prizes thanks to our rad group of hardworking and talented vendors from our L.A. and N.Y. shows.     If you were lucky enough to be able to attend either (or both) shows in Brooklyn (April 23) and L.A. (May 07), then you already know about the whirlwind of gadgets, knick knacks, jewelry, beauty products and delicious noms that captivated the interests and imaginations of our wonderful attendees.
In honor of Memorial Day, we've listed some women who have made enormous contributions to our nation's military while in the service. Here are some of the brave, badass, pioneering, flat-out incredible women that your history books probably "forgot" to mention. 1. Jacqueline Cochran  Via Wikipedia Commons While she is usually remembered as being the first woman pilot to break the sound barrier, she also has a badass military history. When she first tried to become a pilot in the US Airforce, she was denied, despite her incredible flying skills and multiple world records.
“It’s crazy because it is a total boys' club. At the tour some guy said, ‘Are you a roadie?’ And I was like ‘Yea, I am a roadie,” and I got up there and played and it felt pretty good. And then I keep getting the, “Well this is going to sound kind of misogynist,’ well then don’t say it, dude, and then they’re like, ‘You’re really great for a woman,” or, “You’re the best female guitarist I’ve ever seen.’” Dani Neff is constantly aware of her gender. As the lead singer and guitarist of an otherwise all-male band, Neff is living in a musical boys' club.
Short, heavy breaths escape our tight lips. Our chests heaving up and down. I swallow hard, trying not to make a sound. Somehow, we have flipped both of our six-foot bodies all the way around, so that our heads are hanging off of the foot of my tiny twin bed. The duvet knots under my back. Tangled, as if there had been a category five storm. I consider readjusting, but I know the first movements after sex are always precarious. Especially the first time you sleep with a new partner.As our breathing slowed, Lee* turned towards me. With earnest excitement he asked for a P&I session.
Well, we found it. The best Instagram. @look_at_this_pusssy is an Instagram entirely devoted to finding everyday objects that look like labia. Founders Eva Sealove and Chelsea Jones started the account in 2014 and it grew immensely in popularity (for obvious reasons). The account features everything from trees to bed sheets to ravioli, each bearing its own unique similarities to a vagina. Nearly all of their posts are submissions from other users who have found a likeness in an unlikely place.
Our own Callie Watts went looking for love on a bunch of new dating apps, and her adventures prove that truth is stranger than (erotic) fiction   I’m a very social person. Usually, if I want to meet a stranger, I go to a bar alone, order a whiskey, and wait for someone to come talk to me. If I like his vibe, we’ll chat and see where it goes. And if I don’t, I’ll just rudely stare at my phone until he goes away. This old-school method still works pretty well. But I was curious about all the dating apps that had recently taken over my friends’ social lives.
Sluts: What are they? Who are they? And how do I know if I'm a slut? The world of sluttitude is nuanced, stigmatized, and complicated, BUT if you seek the answer to the latter question, you can trust that the Internet has the answer. Possibly several answers! Just Google "slut test" and you will find several in-depth quizzes that promise to tell you if you are a slut. Sound simple? Well, no: In most cases, the tests are unclear about what counts as a “sexual partner,” and which acts constitute “cheating.
In the latest episode of Inside Amy Schumer, the show’s host and Jake Gyllenhaal team up for a hilarious paradoy of the hit MTV show, Catfish. Under the name “Katfish,” the spoof show’s two-man crew, including Paul Downs of Broad City, join Amy to bust Jake for “catfishing” her on a ferret fanatics chat room. Amy explains to the hosts of “Katfish,” that “Jake” introduced himself as the actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, and immediately told her she is “the most beautiful woman” he has ever seen.
Jane Campion was the first woman to be awarded the Palme D’Or prize at Cannes Film Festival for The Piano, a film which also earned her a nomination for Best Director from the Academy, the only second woman to do so. Sadly, while she was experiencing career success, her personal life was suffering. The same year she won the Palme, she had just lost her son, Jasper, who died when he was 12 days old. “The full impact of my success never hit me. I was grieving, really, throughout that whole year.
I actually wasn’t familiar with The Moth until Hannah Horvath, Lena Dunham’s character on the hit television series Girls, decided to take up writing again. The season 5 finale had Hannah performing at The Moth’s StorySLAM, where real people tell their true stories live without notes. These StorySLAMS are themed shows, and the theme of the evening was jealousy; Hannah chose to speak about her thoughts on Jessa and Adam's relationship. It turns out that The Moth and its StorySLAMS are a real thing, and nothing short of amazing.