Remember when a bunch of bigots, assholes, and douchebags decided they needed to give their two cents about biracial relationships and families? That was pretty cool. It was even better when they shared so many of these lovely thoughts that Cheerio's had to disable the comments section for their YouTube video of the commercial. (In case you missed it, the commercial simply featured a little girl asking her caucasian mother about the healthiness of Cheerios, then pulling a little prank on her African-American father.) Comedian Kenji America decided to stick it to the haters with this parody of the commercial, which highlights the ridiculousness and stupidity of the anti-Cheerios trolls.

Of course, this video has received some awful backlash too, since the ending reveals that this couple is not only biracial but homosexual as well. For example: "Daily reminder that homosexuality, like schizophrenia, is a mental disease and should be treated with professional help." I'm just trying to enjoy this comedy gold, can't you get your misinformed, homophobic ass out of my face? SIGH. Watch it above. Best enjoyed without scrolling down and/or reading the comments.

Source: Time

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