Big Gulp, A Sexy New Web Series

Last week, a couple of us BUST bloggers attended the premiere of Kat George’s new web series, The Big Gulp, at Williamsburg's Nitehawk Cinema. The first episode was about seven minutes long, but those seven minutes were really something to be experienced. 

The series centers on a group of young friends living in the city, and the first ep (entitled “Winter is Coming”) focused on the issue of "to swallow or not to swallow." The webisode handled this subject with surprising honesty and tastefulness. There wasn't a moment where I thought the blowjob scenes were too vulgar, amazingly enough. We caught up with Kat after the premiere, where she gave us the dish on Lena Dunham comparisons, and what’s next on The Big Gulp:

She explained, "The series is about a girl who is based on me. The way I perceive myself-- pretty much I know what I want out of life, and how to get it, but there are some hiccups. Most of those hiccups come in the form of guys and relationships. Ultimately, the series is about Kat and her friends." On the title: "It’s about swallowing life. It’s about just taking a big gulp and putting it down."

Kat commented on Girls comparisons and feminism. "I got the Lena Dunham thing a lot when I said that I was gonna do this. A lot of people emailing me saying, 'Isn’t this just what Lena Dunham does?' This is a thing people do to women. They try and find something that you’re like, because it’s too hard to think of women as individuals still. Would you say to Quentin Tarantino, 'Oh you’re just like Michael Bay'? I mean you wouldn’t, but their movies both have killing and explosions in them. This is the biggest feminist struggle: not to be equal to men, but to be accepted as humans."

The first episode of Big Gulp was crowd-funded by Kickstarter, and the cast and crew needs another round of funding to continue the series (but after watching the first episode, there’s no doubt that this is a show the public could get on board with). Rumor has it the second episode may involve a debaucherous party where Kat and her friends make some unexpected connections…

Watch the first episode of The Big Gulp here and sound off! Would you donate to keep it going? Check out funding possibilities here

What'd you think of the first episode of the web series? Let us know in the comments section!

Thanks to Kat George


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