Beyoncé Voters: Because You Don't Mess With Single Ladies and You Sure As Hell Don't Mess with Beyoncé

Remember Fox New’s Jesse Watters making that wholly unacceptable comment about “Beyoncé voters” (aka single women). If not, here’s a video to refresh your memory: 

Yeah, you remember now. If there are two things you should never do as a news personality, they are A.) imply that single women (who control the vote you’re so worried about) are DEPENDENT on men B.) bring our girl Beyoncé into this. It’s the perfect ammunition for the internet to react in the hilariously perfect way it has. 

Enter the tumblr Beyoncé Voters. This page takes all of our favorite Bey quotes and layers them on pictures of relevant politicians or Supreme Court Justices. Take a look at some favorites from this soon-to-be-viral meme and keep on rocking the vote (without putting a ring on it). 


All images via beyoncevoters.tumblr.com

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