Betsey Is Back

Betsey Johnson is back!  In an amazing comeback, Johnson has returned to the fashion scene and seems to be here to stay.

After filing last spring for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, shutting down most of her 63 nationwide stores and dismissing an estimated 350 employees, Johnson’s company seemed to have reached its end.   Johnson closed with a retrospective runway show at New York Fashion Week in September that celebrated both her career and her 70th birthday.

Despite all of this, Johnson returned to Mercedes-Benz Fashion week this past February, showing her Fall 2013 Active Wear collection that was full of bright colors, fur vests, whimsical wigs, and neon sneakers.  

Now, nearly a year after her file for bankruptcy, Betsey Johnson is unfurling her newest dress line for this spring and summer.  Full of animal prints, peplum, and polka-dots, Johnson is back with the same girly-punk attitude as before in a line that Johnson calls “pretty and punk, sweet and sexy, always rock ‘n roll.”

The line ranges from $99 o $250 and will be available on BetseyJohnson.com and in department stores this week.

Check out some of the looks below!

Sources: Post-Gazette.com, LoLo Magazine, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Images via: The Blush, The Washington Post 


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