Tales of the Pack - A Lesbian Werewolf Novel

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About Tales The Pack: Tales of the Pack is the repository of insights, frustrations, and complications particular to this first-time novelist’s book-writing endeavor. It’s about lesbians, werewolves, and lesbian werewolves (along with some other fun stuff like feminism, faerie culture, gender, class, shape-shifting, queer identities, and so on.) It’s my hope that other budding writers can find inspiration, support and solidarity within my posts. About The Pack: Lunatic Fringe Werewolves are back. The townspeople of Wolf Creek and Milton thought they had everything handled, but attacks have increased, and no one feels safe. Lexie Clarion is nervous to leave her tiny town for college 50 miles down the road. Her first night on campus, she charms the glamourous Blythe and realizes that she might have a decent time at college after all. She's quickly pulled into Blythe's inner-circle, a group of radical feminists who call themselves the Pack and have their own methods for handling the werewolf menace. Lexie finds the gregarious and opinionated Pack invigorating. After her first night with them, Lexie feels certain she wants to join them no matter what. She's certain, that is, until the next morning, when an accident brings a captivating stranger into her life. This woman, with fascinating heterochromatic eyes and a charming presence, steals Lexie's heart with a glance. That night, they attend a raucous party together and Lexie falls incontrovertibly in love.Their first sublime night together, Lexie finds herself and her new lover transformed into werewolves. Lexie struggles to keep her new double-life a secret from the Pack as she falls deeper in love with Archer while Blythe and the rest court her allegiance fiercely for a reason only Blythe understands. Lexie, plagued with nightmares and day-time visions, has the rare gift of sight, which allows her to see werewolves while they hide in human form. This gift is the weapon the Pack needs to win the war against the males. Blythe will go to disturbing lengths to win Lexie's favor, but she underestimates Archer's love.