BUST Craftacular Vendor Spotlight: TRIME

Thousands of shoppers checked lots of gifts off their lists at this year’s BUST Holiday Craftacular Brooklyn. If you weren’t able to join us in person you can still shop ’til you drop from our amazing vendors’ online stores. One crowd favorite is TRIME. Noémie Jennifer makes modular, structural jewelry that’s fun and customizable for every occasion and mood. Each TRIME kit allows you to create a minimum of three variations of the same piece, by interchanging colors and/or shapes. We chatted with her about her process, how she kissed her kitchen table goodbye to make way for studio space, and the holiday season.


Tell us a little about why you do what you do:

Well, I love making all kinds of things and I have a pretty deep, long-running obsession with jewelry (I feel naked if I'm not wearing earrings). I came up with the concept for this line years ago and it's taken me quite a while, and quite a few starts and stops, to iron out the prototypes and launch this collection. It was really exciting and empowering and terrifying to finally have the end products in front of me and put them out into the world. I can't wait to work on new products and new collections, once the holiday season is over!

What piece is your favorite?

I do have a soft spot for the Structural Kits (both earrings and necklace).


What is the last day for shipping before Christmas?

The last day I'll be shipping is December 23rd, but only other Brooklyn addresses would get it the next day. For everyone else in the US, though, get your order in by the end of the day on Sunday 12/21 and I will ship it out Priority Mail on Monday and we will all cross our fingers that it gets there as promised by Wednesday. If not, I always think giving a gift at New Year's is nice…

 What you’re looking forward to most about the holidays?

Seeing the city all decked out in lights!

Be sure to check out TRIME for those last minute gifts!

Images via Noémie Jennifer & TRIME.

Brooklyn Artist Illustrates Her Tween Daughter's Fashion Choices in Adorable New Book


Raise your hand if you’re a fan of the occasional Throwback Thursday ‘gram? I know I’ve definitely posted a 20+ year old photo of little ol’ me rocking some serious 90’s swag: leggings, jean jacket, tattoo necklace, an adorable pair of baby Docs. It’s fun to reminisce not only about the trends of the era, but your own blossoming personal style from toddler-hood to preteen to high school rebel-mom-stop-taking-my-photo-I-hate-you-ugh. Whether adorably mismatched or surprisingly slick, these little gems of childhood creativity are pretty cool to look back on no matter your age.

One Brooklyn-based mother and artist, Jenny Williams, felt similarly about her daughter, Clementine, and her friends’ clothing choices. She noted the, “fearless, whimsical, sometimes crazy ways that [kids] dress themselves," and began to illustrate the outfits she liked best. These ultimately turned into the blog “What My Daughter Wore”, and now, three years after the site’s launch, Williams is ready to release a collection of the drawings as a book. What My Daughter Wore features Clementine and several of her friends in an array of outfits, which are all, begrudgingly, way cooler than anything I wore as a twelve-year-old. How do these girls already know about the power of cheetah print and flower crowns??


The project is a positive look at the world of the preteen set, away from the judgmental arena that is today's social media. Williams says, “I think the book is a fun, playful look at what girls are wearing right now… its focus is the tween years, because at that age it’s still possible to find kids dressing entirely for themselves, without regard for trends or peer pressure.”


While the book itself contains only pictures, the artist has shared quotes from some of her subjects on Instagram.  Her daughter told Vogue.com in an interview that, “[she] always liked to dress up… [she's] always loved big frilly things.” With her artful combinations of tiaras and tights now lovingly documented, I’m sure that Clementine’s style and future #tbt’s will be an inspiration for years to come. Now, excuse me while I go interrogate my mother about my own lack of a thorough fashion retrospective...


Be sure to pick up What My Daughter Wore at a bookstore near you!


images c/o: Huffpost, WhatMyDaughterWore

Fred Armisen Stars in New Kate Pierson Music Video "Mister Sister"

Last week, Kate Pierson released an official video for the new single, "Mister Sister" on her album, Guitars and Microphones, out February 17, 2015. Pierson, who's best known as the iconic voice for The B-52s, debuts her solo album featuring Nick Valensi of The Strokes on several tracks, and a collaboration with Sia while writing the songs.

The newly released "Mister Sister" track video features the great SNL and Portlandia star, Fred Armisen. Check it out below and let us know what you think of Fred's performance in the comments!

Check Out Natasha Vaynblat's Hilarious One-Woman Show at UCB Theatre ASAP!


We’ve all had a handful of teachers whom we will never forget, right? Maybe that teacher inspired you to pursue what you love, or in the case of Natasha Vaynblat’s class, banging a frying pan to bring order to her students.

After teaching in the public schools of NYC, Natasha was compelled to create a show highlighting her experiences. Vaynblat recalls, “We spent most of the [professional development] session singing a revised version of "So Happy Together" that was supposed to improve our teaching practices. I found the whole event so funny, grown adults forced to awkwardly sing this song together.”

Her one-woman show, performed at Upright Citizens Brigade-Chelsea, is called United Federation of Teachers, and includes a variety of different characters. In between character changes, there is a segment called “Teacher Confessions” during which the audience gets an honest look into the chaotic life of a teacher. Vaynblat’s honest demeanor while discussing how to deal with sleeping students was one of my favorite parts of the show.

While Vaynblat is currently pursing her love of acting and improv, she cannot help but miss teaching as well as the students. She says, “As much as I rag on teaching in the show, I did it for four years because I loved the job. Kids have such a great energy and getting them excited about something or seeing them achieve is hypnotizing. It is its own high, much like performing.” 

Be sure to check out her show at UCB:

Thursday, December 11th at 8 p.m. – Tickets are $5

Friday, December 26th at 7:30 p.m. – Tickets are $10


images c/o: UCB theatre

A Tribute To Anita Corbin's Amazing Photographs of 80's British Subculture


Our BUST Craftacular is a week away from going down in London; it’s only natural we pay some homage to a Union Jack-sporting female.

You know all of those cool photographs you see on your Tumblr and Pinterest dashboards that show ever-fashionable mods, punks, and rockabillies? Of course you do! You've probably even re-blogged a couple to boot.

It's possible Anita Corbin took the images you've been looking at; she photographed the "informal uniforms" of different female subcultures in London about thirty years ago. Her photographs show the insight she had into London's fashion fads which turned into entire lifestyles.

In 1981 the Cockpit Gallery Project was responsible for creating the traveling exhibition at which Anita's photographs were shown. However, it's been years since Anita has seen any of her photo subjects. In fact, if you recognize yourself in any of these pictures holla at her here.













images and information c/o Buzzfeed and 1stwomenuk.org



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