“Awww!” Your Heart Out Looking at the Cutest Art Project Ever

My Milk Toof is a series of stories inspired by baby teeth. I'd never heard of the term before, but artist Inhae Renee Lee is fascinated by "milk teeth," AKA your primary teeth. She created two itty-bitty BFF tooth characters, ickle and Lardee (intentional uncapitalization), who go on adventures in their home, sometimes with their pet fish, Carrot. ickle, the smart studious "toof," and Lardee, the plump, fun-loving "toof," are made of polymer clay and painted with acrylics. Lee has documented the mishaps of the tiny teef on her blog and even compiled of book of stories called My Milk Toof: The Adventures of ickle and Lardee. Take a gander at one of my favorite stories below!



"Check it out, looks like she's gonna bake something now!"

"Hey Lardee, I got an idea: 
Let's hide in here, and when she opens it we yell, 'SURPRISE!'"

"First we gotta make some room - 
Let's hide two of these."

"I suppose that was inevitable."

"Heheh, we're so sneaky."



"I'm sure she'll be baking any minute now..."

"Z Z Z Z z z z z z z z z..."

You can buy My Milk Toof here and take a sneak peek into Lee’s art process by watching the video below. Check out tons of other My Milk Toof stories on Lee’s blog!

Photos via My Milk Toof

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