9gag Trolls Queer Comic

Elias Ericson is a super talented Swedish artist whose comics appear on his Super Queer Artsy Blog. A lot of his work focuses on the dark humor that stems from how people react to his queer identity.


Elias' original comic

A while ago, Elias posted this comic, about what he interprets as the hypocrisy and narcissistic motives of many self-proclaimed LGBTQA allies. Apparently, a 9gag user reposted Elias’ comic, airbrushing out his text and disseminating his work with a new, misogynistic message. The new comic is a clear jab at female gamers, in the vein of “fake geek girl” accusations. This 9gag troll has managed to combine a lot of stuff we hate: misogyny, stupidity, art theft and misappropriation. 

The 9gag version

In Elias’ words, the “9gag user who made/uploaded this just couldn’t relate to queer people, and thought the topic of LGBTQA+ oppression was just too boring to have a pace on their favorite site.” Adding insult to injury, “The edited version of my comic is being used to ridicule girls in the gamer’s community, girls who already have to put up with a lot of patronizing bullshit for liking what they like.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And, for the record, we definitely prefer Elias’ re-edited version.

Elias' final fuck you to 9gag

Via Buzzfeed, Images Via Super Queer Artsy Blog

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