Artist Rodolfo Loaiza Paints Same-Sex Disney Couples

In 1995 they gave us Pocahontas, in 1998 we got Mulan, and in 2009--for the first time in Walt Disney animation history--they finally created a black princess with The Princess and the Frog. While there are still questions and issues surrounding the film, and Princess Tiana has to spend half of her time on the screen as a frog, at least it’s a step in the right direction. Now, how much longer do you think we have to wait until they give us a heroine that identifies as LGBTQ, or a same-sex couple in one of these fairytale romances? Unfortunately, the reality is, it'll probably be quite a while. But for now, artist Rodolfo Loaiza did the imagining for us, with his incredible paintings of same-sex Disney characters engaging in some serious PDA.


You can check out these paintings and more at Loaiza’s new show “Disasterland” at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in LA, opening tonight at 8 p.m. and running through September 2nd.  The gallery writes that the show will feature work in which the artist uses “his sharp and characteristic black humor [to capture] images once morbidly circulated by the media, and proposes a novel way of reviewing them. In “Disasterland,” heterosexual happy endings have been discarded; outdated. In this story, discriminated minorities will finally achieve the resolution they've yearned for, beyond any bias or phobia.”

How long do you think it’ll take for Loaiza’s paintings to become a reality on screen?  

Images by Rodolfo Loaiza, source: BuzzFeed

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