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The weather is getting colder and the ultimate cuddle buddy is primed for its comeback: a book! Sometimes, a girl wants one to stretch the horizons of her brain (and not just her heartstrings--I'm talking about you Harper Collins Romance!), so it's great that books like New Art/Science Affinities exist. 

The book, co-published by Carnegie Mellon University's Miller Gallery and the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, is 190 pages of contemporary art focusing on artists that blend the lines of art, science, and technology. It includes everything you could ever think a book could include, too: meditations, interviews, diagrams, letters, manifestos, design--you name it. And with chapters like "Program Art or Be Programmed" and "The Maker Moment" and "The Overview Effect," you'll definitely be in for an interesting ride. Hard to believe that it was all put together in a week. The four authors (Andrea Grover, Regine Debatty, Claire Evans, and Pablo Garcia) and two designers (Luke Bulman and Jessica Young) put it all together with a method called  "book sprint"--a week's worth of 10-14 hour days of hard work. Sounds like a lot of coffee to me.

And as far as book bonus points go, this tome definitely scores some simply for the fact that one of its authors, Claire Evans, is the same Claire L. Evans of  the band YACHT. Yaaay!

You can buy or download the book here, and be sure to check out Claire's science blog Universe, too!


Photo of Claire: YACHT blog


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