Portland-based poet/photographer/collage artist Delilah Jones' groovy cosmic dreamscapes are steeped in magic-- and milkshakes. After falling in love with the Pacific Northwest on an epic post-grad road trip, New York-raised Jones took a job at an ice cream shop in Portland; she worked on collages between customers and admits she made "more art than milkshakes."  Her sundae-scooping gig ended a few months ago when the shop's owners sold the place, but inspired the name of a collaborative project called Ice Cream Kingdoms;  Jones and Jesse Treece started a book of collages, which is being passed on and added to by artists around the world.  

Jones says, "I use scissors and glue because I can't afford anything else. [Now] I can't imagine speaking any other language." She started out working on old 8-track tapes and soon became obsessed with collage as a medium-- and a movement:

"I chose love. And bacon cheeseburgers. A heart full of gold and a pocket full of moonlight. Someone get this girl some grant money." 

Delilah Jones has originals for sale and can be reached for inquiries/commissions at delilahjoneslove@gmail.com or via astral projection. Check out more of her work here.

All images courtesy of Delilah Jones.