A few weeks ago I stumbled across the blog, But You’re Like Really Pretty and instantly became a huge fan.  

Each Wednesday, illustrator and site owner Ryan Casey, posts a hilariously mean webcomic featuring someone or something in pop culture that’s been a particular source of annoyance that week (example below). 

Her illustrations are so good and so clever that the blog was recently nominated for a Webby and won the 2010 Bloggie Award for “Best-Kept Secret” webblog.  

Ryan’s work also caught the eye of some folks at Marc by Marc Jacobs who commissioned her to create custom designs for a line of candles and tote bags.  

The Philadelphia native now resides in New York and says she has been obsessed with drawing celebs since she was a child.   

Now, I will admit that some of the jokes may be a tad harsh, but I’m one of those people who believes everything is fair game when it comes to comedy. And rarely do I take offense on behalf of celebrities.  

So if you too enjoy some celeb-bashing and could use a little Wednesday afternoon pick-me-up, this is one webcomic you’ll want saved in your favorites. 



[Images: GoRyanGo.com, ButYoureLikeReallyPretty.com]