Cute-As-A-Button Illustrations? Check!

Gemma Correll, your work is adorable. I thoroughly enjoy taking a peek at recaps of your days, checking out illustrations of what you wore on a given day (thank you for the product descriptions), and reading your endless remarks about pugs. Like you, I want one oh so badly and cannot wait for the day I can play with its curly-q tail.

Oh goodness, if you've never seen Correll's work, check out her flickr page, personal website, or even her etsy shop, where her 'Pugs Not Drugs' tote is currently gathering my affection. If you love taking a glance into the lives of others through their illustrations/blog/online diary/etc, you'll take an interest in her work and check back every so often just to see what she's been up to. (Also, Correll's recaps kind of remind me of Julie Doucet's 365 Days piece that I quickly devoured)

I'm just waiting for the day she gets a pug and delights me with shit-loads of pictures of it. Oh goodness, I should never start talking about pugs...


P.S. Correll's charming work has graced some pages in BUST. If it hadn't, I would push for it like no other to squeeze her in.

Images courtesy of Correll's personal website and flickr


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