This is the movie that Twilight should have been. Let the Right One In tells the love story between a shy 12-year-old blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy and his new neighbor who has a strange dietary restriction (she is a vampire). I'm rarely moved to tears at the end of movies these days, but by the end of this film I was crying as if I had seen The Lion King for the first time. It's full of cruelty, loneliness, love and redemption--the swimming pool scene at the end has more power and suspense than the entire 120 minutes of Twilight. The film was written and shot in Sweden so there are subtitles, but reading is good for you. There are also rumors of a Hollywood remake in the works, which sounds terrible if you ask me--this movie is perfect and shouldn't be tampered with. I'd hate to see it in the hands of the fat cats over in sunny LA; this is a snowy Swedish film. If you missed it in theaters do not fear, it is out on DVD Tuesday, March 10. So get your Netflix Queue ready; this is a good one.

Tags: General , Artsy