Patti Smith's Non-Fiction is Crazy. Why Haven't You Read It Yet?

Remember when Just Kids came out and everyone & their mother was reading it? “So raw,” “#robertmapplethorpe,” etc. The book is, obviously, awesome - Patti Smith is an artistic maven and ETHEREAL GODDESS. Her prose is out of control and totally hinges on those bittersweet moments (that could easily be turned into lyrics. We know what you’re up to, Smith). 


"What an honest window into Smith’s life," you might be thinking, "I wish there was more of hers to read." Well, wake up America!! If you didn’t catch it from reading Just Kids, Smith wrote quite a bit for Creem Magazine and has sustained a small career in non-fiction writing.  


Flavorwire’s Pocket Guide to Patti Smith’s Non-Fiction has cataloged everything from her Jim Morrison review (written as a prose poem) to her most recent piece on Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage


Fun observation: lots of her music reviews revolve around the masculinity/maleness of these performers (Dylan and Morrison, specifically). Expect some persisting focus on the word ‘cock’. Very interesting to read with a gendered lens, in my opinion. 

So get reading BUSTies! Smith’s rich words are just waiting out there for you to explore, to potentially freak you out and to definitely **inspire**. 


Photos via Andreas Laszlo Konrath [via NYMag], Flavorwire. 

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