Get Your Feminist Shopping Fix on Redbubble

I’m a big fan of Cafepress, a website where you can buy knick knacks and memorabilia with slogans, images, and sayings, many of which are quite original. However, I like funny things, and the problem with Cafepress is that its humor section is more often than not full of jokes at the expense of one oppressed group or another. That’s why I’m super thrilled to have recently been introduced to Redbubble, which has amazing, high-quality merchandise that both makes me nod my head in agreement or giggle to myself for days. For example, the wonderful ‘SLUTEVER’ bag:


I need 10 of those bags.

The best part about Redbubble is that the merchandise and designs are created by independent artists and DIY kinds of people who are super benefitting from having a partnership with the site. For a lot of them, the website is a major source of income. I, for one, think that’s pretty darn cool.

So, slutever aside, here are my top 10 feminist-inspired Redbubble products.

10. "Cats Against Catcalls"


8. "STOP the war on women"

7. "Friendzone"

6. "99 Problems"

5. "Fuck Off"

4. "Ovaries before brovaries"

3. "Fun-damental human rights"

2. "Uterus"

1. "The D"


photos via Redbubble

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