If you like art that’s just as terrifying as it is magnificent, then Choo-San is the artist for you! This Japanese student specializes in body art that will literally make your skin crawl.

Like many of us, Choo-San was fed-up with all of the Photoshopped pictures that have wormed their way into the mainstream. Upon realizing her astonishing talent for painting hyper realistic artworks on bodies, she decided to test how far she could go, sans modern technologies.

 Here are some of her most kick-ass pieces:

1. The "AHHH!! There's a Mechanic in my Spine"

2. The "Surprise! I'm a Cyborg" 

3. The "Now I'll Never Lose the Remote Again!"

4. The Fancy Hobbit 

5. The Beer Belly Solution

6. The "Sorry, I'm Feeling Really Wired Today"

7. The "Hey! What Are You Looking at Four Eyes?"

You can find more of Choo-San's amazing body art at her Website 

Source: Cool-Thing