Divorce Dress Made out of Legal Papers

If taffeta, silk chiffon, satin and tulle are the materials of wedding dresses, surely a divorce dress would be made from something much harsher--and more technical.

Demi Barnes constructed a wedding dress from divorce papers in under ten hours for her Art GCSE. Talk about taking a standardized test and making it your own. The dress is constructed from about 1500 pages of one set of divorce papers photocopied multiple times. And yes, she did have to cite her work. To top it all off, she's only 15! 


That said, she says for her the work is about how sacred marriage is in today's society, especially with the oft-quoted statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce. We think that realizing what's not working for you can be just as joyful as knowing what is, and that everyone should wear a dress made out of whatever they want on whatever day they think is special. Could divorce dresses become a trend? Tell us what you would wear for your D-Day (or ideas for unconventional wedding dresses) in the comments below.

Thanks to Lost at E Minor

Images via Lost at E Minor

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