The Simpsons are a staple of American life. They’ve taught us about the value of satire and the horrors of normativity in traditional family values. Marge, a beacon of light within the Simpson family, is a multi-faceted queen who deserves heaps of respect. She has been a bra-burning feminist, a handyman, a police officer, breadwinner and homemaker. Now it is someone’s turn to turn the tables and become Marge.

Watch below as model Kate Moukhina gets a chance to become Madame Simpson thanks to photographer Alexander Khoklov, makeup artist Veronica Ershova and stylist Mikhail Kravchenko. I can’t tell if the heaps of makeup and hair are empowering or totally weird. The look has a few extra touches from real chrysanthemums and creepy ginormous eyes. The Marge-chic look is completed with her signature blue tube dress and cheese-puff pearl necklace.

But why? Why did this trio of artists take the time to bring Marge to life? Was it her unwavering strength in the face of insanity? Her patience for a ridiculous husband? Because she is a fashion icon? The answer is vague and slightly creepy: "we love Marge, that’s why we decided to make her alive," Khokhlov said on the I Love Body Art blog. I like to think that if Marge was alive, she would be multifaceted and rule the world, while encouraging us to do the same. So go forth and embrace your inner Marge today!

Images courtesy of The Simpsons Wiki and Alexander Khoklov


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