Has it been your lifelong dream to be completely starkers in front of 299 other equally naked strangers whilst you paint one another’s bodies in the name of art and body acceptance? If so, prepare yourself to be extremely psyched. There's a naked painting party happening in NYC, and no, it’s not in the grungy basement of an art student’s walk-up. No, my friends, this naked painting party is hosted by Social Exposure, it’s aided by professional artists, and they’ve got a strict no-creepiness-allowed policy. See below. 

"Melding avant garde artistry with full body expression, revelers’ bodies are free to paint on, but the Naked Painting Party keeps strict rules. The parties are proposed to encourage creativity in the nude, and they aren’t for sex. Any sort of sexual behavior is not allowed, no throwing pigments, no valuable belongings, and no photos are allowed. Not a voyeur type event, everyone is encouraged to participate in this wonderful free-for-all. The Naked Painting Party is all about interaction, where one paints the other. Guests break boundaries and challenge themselves to take risks. No wallflowers and no hanging back and watching. The only event in the world where guests are treated as an installation of art, guests should realize that paint gets everywhere... and we mean everywhere!"


So, the question is, do you have the stones for it? I certainly don’t, and I’m going to go ahead and assume that I’m not alone in my inability to strip and frolic naked in a room of people I don’t know, let alone walk up to another nude "canvas" and swipe my paintbrush across their boobs with confidence. Not without a copious amount of alcohol, at least. 

This much, to be exact.

But if this is the kind of thing that lights your shameless artistic fire, you better haul ass and buy tickets right now, because something tells me they won't be available very long.

Presale tickets are available here for $30, and will be sold for $35 at the door. The party starts at 8pm at The Highline Loft, 508 W. 26th St., 5th fl. Bring your friends, bring your birthday suit, but leave the paint and brushes at home--those will be provided for you, along with complimentary cocktails!

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