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Kill Hannah

Great new band with a hot style of Alternative rock/pop rock. This band is out of Chicago and is on tour check out the tour dates on their official page as listed for their street team to earn cool prizes go to

Kim Hart and Her Art


Besides playing in numerous random girl punk bands in South Carolina, such as the Teacups and the Stink Ladies with sister Tami Hart, Kim also paints and writes crummy poems.

Kimberley Jane, Singer

Kimberley Jane is a NYC based singer, performer.

Kitten On the Keys

Sassy singer and pianist, Suzanne Ramsey, revives naughty songs of yesteryear and writes her own cabaret ditties!

Kiwi Lip Bomb

virtual home of female-fronted, boy-backed NYC rock'n'pop'n'roll band

Kristy Hanson - Los Angeles Singer Songwriter


Los Angeles-based Kristy Hanson is an unforgettable performer and songwriter, with a sound “that would send most modern pop divas out looking for voice lessons” (Recoil Magazine).

L SHAW BROOKS - experience The Big L's original funk po...

Got a bunch of funk pop originals for you to check out in RealAudio and MPEG format. And that DAM "See You Later" CD is now available so that you can unchain yourself from your DAMN computer and prance about the house naked with your favorite homeys while ...



The most rockin' band around town. Just two girls, a guitar, a keyboard, a tambourine and a dream.

Lemonbabies-best girlband ever


Europe's most exciting Girlband plays wonderful pop songs and is also a great live band! Check it out!

like clockwork.

website for the musical venture, like clockwork.

Lisa Parkins


* Lisa Parkins - Lisa Parkins flips the lid on Pandora's box. "Hurrah!" a thousand voices cry. Velvet eyed women of power and intrigue emerge ready to swap stories.



Noise-a-go-go!!!!! Experimental music from Karen Thomas & her husband Steve. Using such items as keyboards, power tools, machines, metal, pedals, springs, toys & tons of other items. Industrial music - in every sense of the word. From the home of the ...

Lola Johnson

Lola Johnson played here, and the sound echoes on. Her presence thick in the air, and careless enough to mix Jack with the House Red, Lola sings her story night after night, often accompanied only by her faithful guitar. Drawing from varied influences, ...



>> Experience the aural and visual stimulation of the band Loma Lynda, who have spent years fusing indie rock aesthetics, cinematic themes, and technology. Forming in 1999, Loma Lynda emerged from the Los Angeles art and music communities, recently gainin ...

Lorraine Leckie

Lorraine Leckie is a no-nonsense singer/songwriter whose music combines honest, heartfelt poetry with beautiful, simple melodies, all performed with an attitude that's hard as nails and barely concealing of an aching vulnerability just below the surface. ...

LOVEWHIP - girl-fronted electro dance rock band from Bo...

Lovewhip is dance music. They are part of Boston's underground but up-and-coming electro scene and they create a live show that is rooted in fun with the passionate vocals and dance moves of the "soulful electro-rock diva", Erin Harpe a.k.a. Empress Erin. ...

Lynette Rocks!

Lynette Rocks! is a sexy fiery Rock and Roll rising star. If you have ever wanted to see a great performer on their way to stardom, come SEE a LIVE performance of Lynette Rocks! She is sexy, has attitude and commands the stage.



multi-media music site created by new york duo, ilyana kadushin and james harrell. Site includes music clips, videos and live show updates.

magic dirt


the NME reviewed their latest album 'What Are Rock Stars Doing Today' and said.. "Save for the fact that there is no knob-wobbling bald men on the front cover, you'd swear Magic Dirt were Queens of the Stone Age with Debbie Harry at the mic."

Makeshivt Kity

Yeah, you hear an auto harp and a skipped beat. Acoust o matic Lofi Digi Tape music for your mind. Jordannah Elizabeth and Christopher BUllock bringing you the underground shoegaze rock for your soul. xoxo.