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The Kitty Kill


Grrl band from Boston.

The Lady Piper


Professional bagpiper in San Francisco for weddings, parties and funerals

The Locals


Ever had a mad fiddler in your lap? Check out the locals: Jambastic rock, stomping rythms, manic violin, gritty female vocals & addictive bass lines.

The McGillicuddys

Old skool celtic punk from Canada. High energy songs about drinking, lost loves and well..... more drinking!

the meat

art school indie-grrrl rock from toledo, ohio.

The Misfortunes


Girl fronted punk/rock n roll from Southern CA.

The Music of Tori Sparks

Folkrockblues maven Tori Sparks can turn any song upside down and inside out with her raw emotion and sheer energy. A welcome change from the sticky-sweet mass of pop hype. Check out her gigantic collection of of INDIE MUSICIAN RESOURCES on the website ...

The New Pussycats - Panty Tossing Good.

The world's only Tom Jones tribute outfit with a chick at the helm!

The Official Deborah Henson-Conant Website

The official website of composer/performer/harpist Deborah Henson-Conant.

The One and Only Dj. Jenny Jones!

Online mixes, photos, art work, and updated list of gigs, Vancouver's newest female dj sensation...

the Paper Dolls!


Sparkling raggedy-glam three-part vocal harmony, three-part ukulele darling dolls all collaged into one!

the patti smith news...the patti smith news...


The latest Patti Smith related news, including performance and tour info. Also a Patti Smith discussion forum, The Eternal CafÈ.

The Priscillas


The relatively newly-formed Priscillas have recently been taking London by storm! They blast out proper 3 minute pop songs, executed with style and sass and an earful of glorious buzzsaw guitar . Think of a bunch of ladies with an unhealthy obsession wi ...

The Riots


we're a 1960's power-pop/mod/maximum r&b/freakbeat/garage little trio that is loud and good for your soul.

The Shondes


The Shondes are a Brooklyn-based quartet who fuse elements of feminist punk, Jewish and classical music to make passionate, political rock that will make you move and break your heart.

The Ukes Of Hazzard


The baddest 2-girl ukulele band in New York.

The Virgo 9

Simple, but in a complex and bewitching way, The Virgo 9 has one goal. Making music for debauchery. A trio, sometimes duo, with rare and raw energy, they come off somewhere between angry and plain mischievous. Mischievous is closer to reality. Often calle ...

The Von Ghouls -Punk Garage (ny) LOOKING FOR A GIRL


We're the Real-life version of the Von Ghouls, the band in the cartoons. We need a female guitar or bass player with vocals to carry on. Songs and info on our site or at Influences: Muffs, Runaways, Kinks, etc.