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Snowpony---From the Heart of Dalston

the only fanpage for the tough-grrl, modernist band Snowpony

Sophie B. Hawkins Underground

The official web site for singer/songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins.



so-to-soundz (n) a phantasmagoria of garage psychedelia: 8 tentacles of wonder from the barrel of a shooting star. The electric cat's pure expression [see also < Count 5>]

Spektral Motion


Girl fronted 3 piece techno rock band.

Stefanie Fix's Homepage


If somewhere out there the road of Sheryl Crow were to converge with Tracy Chapman and Ani DiFranco, then perhaps in the midst of that convergence youíd find the songs and sounds of Stefanie Fix. Singer songwriter homepage with links to mp3 files, tour ...

Subdivision 67

Subdivision 67 is a collective of NC based bands that are working together to support one another in an effort to further their goals as musicians. Our bands include the Beloved Binge, Ponchos from Peru, Sequoya, Sawteeth McTweedy, Scientific Superstar, S ...

Sugar Mama PR!

Promo for artist babies, and features of artists, for consumer babies. Sugar Mama loves to dote, on grrrls, and boiz!!

tamara dearing

piano-driven smart folk with a punch.

Tanya Janca - Alternative Folk Punk Artist


Tanya Janca is a blunt, rock out type lady with a huge mouth and lots to say. She also plays some mean, raw guitar.

tegan and sara

music from canada is nice, so are tegan and sara .... just not to each other.

The Anabolics


NYC's hottest two-girls-and-a-guy power pop band! Sounds like the bastard child of The Shangri-Las and The Clash. A match made in r'n'r hell.

The Catholic Girls

All girl rock band with melodic hooks, driving guitars, and a rocking back-beat. Memorable lyrics and a female point of view. Rosary beads and plaid skirts are optional - just don't tell Sister Mary Mark!

The Classic Brown

My DIY website which showcases my music and promotes female musicianship, DIY artistry and other things I like, like Bust Magazine.

The Cliks


A high-powered, finely tuned, garage pop trio came together in 2004 after Lilia decided that acoustic guitars were for boys withsoft hearts. Exploding on to the Toronto live music scene, they have emerged as solid performers, and have released their self- ...

The Clockwork Cabaret

'Music o' Gears for Steampunk Ears'. A weekly radio show and podcast, hosted by the darling Davenport sisters.

The Dollyrots


Girl and two boys bust their butts making not taken too seriously punkish jumpable music for your listening pleasure. MP3s, pics, merch and free email service too.

The Electric Kisses


Punkie power-pop trio from Seattle!! We'll bring the rock, you bring the roll...

The Grannies


Cool Punk Rock from San Francisco

The Hissyfits

The official web site of New-York rock band The Hissyfits.

The Jean Strong Experiments

Lounge and underground music for the electic girl.