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Queenie is a hauntingly sensual siren for the modern age. Her heartbreaking ballads will inspire you and her classic hooks will enchant you. Compared often to Enya, Kate Bush, and Joni Mitchell, Queenie's style is New Age with a Classical bent. A world of unparalled beauty, innocence, and infinite sadness lies within a Queenie song, where stories wait to be unfurled by the listener. Influenced by fairy tales and science fiction in her youth, Queenie acknowledges a bevy of influences from film music to Renaissance motets. Themes of nightmares, dreamscapes, and lost loves populate her songs. A prolific writer, Queenie has composed hundreds of tunes and has won international acclaim for her piano arrangements and angelic voice. Classical guitar permeates many of Queenie's tracks, along with her signature lilting lyricism and ornate piano orchestration. Queenie is incomparable as a melodist, and is completely unique in her songwriting style. Queenie is an artist utterly different from other female singer-songwriters, and draws upon her Japanese-American heritage in her beautiful, unique songs. Queenie is modern yet ancient, intricate yet simple.