Lisa Parkins

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* Lisa Parkins - Lisa Parkins flips the lid on Pandora's box. "Hurrah!" a thousand voices cry. Velvet eyed women of power and intrigue emerge ready to swap stories.
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Lisa Parkins the music professor at Empire State College is by far the worst musician and horrible singer in the world. She has absolutely no understanding of music, no talent, the worst songwriter that ever lived. She should be fired and offered a job as a janitor. If you ever decide to go to Empire State College never take any class with Lisa Parkins you will regret it for the rest of your life. She treats all of her students with disrespect and is a horrible person, very miserable. She looks like a witch and acts like one as well. If you think I am kidding about how horrible of a musician she is just google her and listen to her composition "The Chicken Song" and if you can last a few seconds without laughing your ass off I would be very impressed. Lisa Parkins should do the world a big favor and give up music so the rest of the world can not be poisoned listening to this untalented horrible musician. Give it up Lisa, stop wasting your time on music, you suck!!!!!!!!

Also Empire State College is by far the worst college that ever existed. They also treat you with disrespect, their professors all suck and most of them have no idea what they are talking about. If you have a problem no one cares and no one helps you the administration sucks. It is a big waste of your money and time, do not go to Empire State College. Stay far away from these miserable worthless human beings at Empire State College.