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Despite speaking four languages, when asked to describe her music, 22-year-old, Alex Bach is at a loss for words. She says simply, It is pop with an attitude. After hearing her music, though, you can understand why it is so hard to define. Labeling it as pop, belies the insightful, cutting lyrics that are so characteristic of her songwriting. It underestimates her graceful melodies that will transcend the ever-changing trends of the music industry. Nor does it do justice to rhythms that have been undeniably influenced by her international background. Alex Bach comes by her international flair quite naturally, in fact, genetically. Her father is from French Tunisia and her mother is American. Alex was born in France, raised there and then later in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. She left there for Germany, and now resides in the U.S. Bach grew up speaking French and Arabic, and in quick succession, picked up English, German and then Spanish. While Alex may be heard singing in any language, her emotional and evocative songs speak of life in its most personal and honest form. "I love to write lyrics that shake people up and force them to re-examine their lives. The ability to write music and sing it in a way that touches people is an awesome power. If I can get just one person to take an honest look at themselves and realize that they are not where they intended to be, then I will feel like I have used my powers of music wisely."