TITWRENCH - D.I.Y./All Ages/Lady-Centered Art/Music Collective

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TITWRENCH is a D.I.Y., feminist art and music collective based in Denver, Colorado. Since 2008 we have been organizing all ages, lady-centered cultural events including a multi-day music festival in July, featuring a diverse line-up of artists from the Southwestern U.S. and beyond. Filmmakers, DJs, dancers, puppeteers, performance artists, poets and crafters are showcased at the festival too. EVERYONE is welcome to participate. We showcase ladies because those who identify as such are too often left out of the picture, as even in the “underground”. We are creating community because it is vital to the survival and flourishment of our voices and spirits. Our collective is comprised of artists, writers, teachers, musicians and creators. We love to collaborate and make new friends locally and internationally. Our mission is to CREATE space for the artistic expression of all ladies of all ages and identities, to CELEBRATE lady sonic and visual artists, whose work is pushing the boundaries of genre and form, CULTIVATE community around unconventional and underrepresented artists, music, art and ideas. INSPIRE collaborative works and communication among artists in Denver and places far beyond. SHARE an inclusive, fun and safe space for all participants of our events.