valerie orth band

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Described as "neo-Ani," Valerie Orth's lyrics hit hard personally and politically. Her music grooves hard, ranging from folk to funk. She does it all with a soft tornado of passion, living up to her reputation as a fearlessly original songwriter with a gorgeous voice and captivating stage presence.
"[Valerie] is soulful, genuine, and edgy," writes the San Francisco Bay Guardian. With her new and intensely dynamic rock band, their music creeps into the subconscious of the listeners, often taking them to a dream world. Each song has its own unique twist of folk, soul, funk, heavy rock, or even a little trip-hop. Regardless of genre, all the songs ooze raw emotion. Valerie is backed by Abigail Picache on drums, Stephen Goodwin on bass and Jillian Yu on piano. Together these seasoned musicians also sing beautiful harmonies, enhancing the band's constantly-evolving sound.
Not unlike some of her influences, such as Tracy Chapman, Valerie's roots are well planted in a love for humanity and a fight for social and economic justice. With a voice you want to crawl up inside and live in forever, she delivers a message of unity, love and hope that people desperately need to hear. A grassroots organizer for seven years, Orth also co-founded WomenROCK in 2005, empowering women rockers in the Bay Area while producing huge shows to raise funds for local non-profits.
Having toured about seven times in the past two years in various regions of the country, solo and with her band, Valerie's favorite venues played include Cafe Du Nord and Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco), Tin Angel and World Cafe Live Downstairs (Philadelphia), The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), Ash St Saloon (Portland, OR) and countless other joints along the east and west coasts, especially. Her favorite festival played so far is the Oregon Country Fair - drawing crowds while on stage and even on the paths!
Valerie released her debut solo album, "This At Last" in 2007. With this album, she came onto the scene strong as a songwriter not afraid to speak out against political injustices. Yet, Valerie still takes the listener on a more personal journey through the depths and heights of relationships and love. In September 2008, the Valerie Orth Band released their first EP, which has already caught the attention of some radio stations. While steadily building a loyal fan-base across the country, Valerie is constantly working to write great songs that empower and inspire.