From Abuse to Freedom-Wendy St. Kitts

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FROM ABUSE TO FREEDOM: WENDY ST. KITTS’ music is sewn by the thread that connects the everyday women’s lives. Before composing the 10 songs of her debut album Woman Empowered, her life was useless. For over 5 years Wendy abandoned songwriting because was forced to deal with a life that had been determined to keep her imprisoned; a life laden with abuse and shame.

Wendy’s words and music are seeped in honesty and direct you to the layers of the woman who lives the story. What began as a soliloquy became the narrative for her debut album Woman Empowered due 4.21.08 via Charged with a renewed strength, self-belief, confidence, fearless candor and the support of her loved ones, Wendy St. Kitts, reshaped her destiny. This woman stood on the shoulders of her past and laid down the path to healing, redemption, triumph, and peace. Find out more at