Girls Rock Girls Rule

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“What do you get when you put a bunch of kick-a#$ rock chicks together with a sense of purpose? You get a better world –or at the very least good step towards one—with one great soundtrack” --- Stephen Bailey,

Bringing back some much needed curves into everyone’s music scene is G-spot’s female front woman, Gail Silverman. Starting the Girls Rock & Girls Rule Tour, she’s not only bringing female rockers to the masses, she’s also giving some much needed attention to communities across the US --- Vanessa Ciccone, Pulse Weekly.

For the past 6 years Girls Rock & Girls Rule has continued its mission of creating awareness and exposure for independent female artists while helping women in the community. The Girls Rock & Girls Rule Tour debuted in 2006 and made multiple stops along the East Coast in NY, NJ, and PA. This year the tour is bigger and better then ever with Summer Preview shows in late August in NJ & Long Island and then GRGR hits the road from September 21-Oct. 1 stopping in DC, Baltmore, Delaware, Upstate NY, MA and RI. And of course the 6th Anniversary show in NYC in early December. The tour features phenomenal female performers groovin’ on everything from pop-rock, to punk, to metal. At each GRGR event Revolutionary Records partners with artists and organizations to offer a fantastic evening of entertainment featuring a combination of local bands as well as artists from other cities that have participated in previous GRGR shows. This insures a strong local audience and gives bands an opportunity to gain exposure with new fans while offering local live music lovers some fresh new sounds they might not otherwise have had a chance to hear. Based on the success of the past NYC events and Gail Silverman, the founder’s, personal passion for music (an artist herself) the timing was definitely right to grow and expand. Given the positive and enthusiastic response from the bands, fans, and media it would seem she is on the right track! GRGR is set to become the premiere showcase for discovering the best female rockers on the scene today! Girls Rock & Girls Rule is also excited to announce a new partnership with the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, a non-profit summer day camp serving girls aged 8-18. Girls learn how to play musical instruments, write songs, perform, learn about music, and generally “rock out” in a supportive environment that fosters self-confidence, self-esteem, creativity, tolerance, and collaboration. GRGR and WM are thrilled about the opportunity to highlight the next generation of women rockers Willie Mae will be the beneficiary for this year's showcases and in certain locations Camper bands will have an opportunity to participate in the event. In addition to the showcases the Girls Rock & Girls Rule Documentary film is currently in production and scheduled for release in late 2007. The film follows the tour, showcasing the live performances while taking you on a fascinating journey with today’s hardest rockin’ female musicians. Audiences will learn what it really means to be an independent female artist today, share their struggles and successes and have a chance to experience these ladies ragin’, rantin’, snarlin’ and screamin’ both on and off stage! Given the challenging state of the music industry and the lack of female rockers on the forefront today, the time has come for a platform that will being attention to all the fantastic women who are making the kind of music people want to hear. These are not re-touched pop princesses or radio clones they are unique, original and ready to show the world they can rock as hard if not harder than their male counterparts