Ghouls Night Out

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If the Misfits "spent the night" with The Trashwomen, you'd get Ghouls Night Out!
These four graveyard girls recorded 8 ghoulishy groovy tracks. Myra (of Gein and the Graverobbers) plays her Fender Cyclone drenched with reverb, while Amy Von Eerie’s fuzzed out guitar adds punch to their sound. Myra and Amy pull double duty trading off vocals and guitar solos in this all-ghoul band. All this is backed up by a thundering rhythm section thanks to Lily and Vampie (drums and bass respectively). Ghouls Night Out combines the trashy garage sound of the '60s with the horror punk sensibility of The Misfits...all in all a necrophiliac's dream band! Their debut E.P., The Mourning After, shows that these ghastly gals can unleash a unique brand of creepy-yet-rockin' sound that is sure to leave you begging for more. Tortured souls cry out requests for "Demons are a Ghouls Best Friend" and "Bully" at their shows. But these ladies prove they are not one trick ponies when they pelt you with creepy cuteness with songs like "Monster Love!" Dressed in their signature goth-a-go-go micro-minis when they hit the stage, these sinister sisters never fail to get their audiences going with their rockin' riffs and sing along hooks!