Art Show Alert! Dilek Baykara at Superchief This Thursday

Remember Dilek Baykara's dreamy, steamy illustrations? Here's the deal: mysterious, illusory, and undeniably haunting, the work of Dilek Baykara is multifaceted and expansive. She's a Brooklyn-based grad of the School of Visual Arts, and she's got a solo show launching this Thursday right here in New York City. You're invited!

Here's a peek at her latest work:


The girl's subject matter is often dark, exploring decay and horror in new ways, with pieces like "The Mistress of Death." Although sometimes disturbing, her art is inevitably gorgeous and passionate, illustrating the aesthetic appeal of destruction. 

See it all at the Superchief Gallery at Culturefix (9 Clinton Street). It's a pretty sweet venue - the Superchief calls itself an art collective that "shows exciting, visually arresting and attention-grabbing contemporary art for people who have evolved a strong case of ADHD and a good eye for something authentic and interesting."

The gallery opening will run from 6 PM to 11 PM, and promises to be nothing less than captivating. 

Images Provided by Superchief Gallery

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