Angel Haze’s Bangin’ New Track Is Bueno. Muy Bueno.

Detroit rapper Angel Haze first caught our eye when she dropped the heavy, deeply personal "Cleanin' Out My Closet" last year. Haze's detailed account of her repeated sexual abuse was compelling to say the least, and made the lyricist a household name in the rap world. She's been spinning out mixtapes like it's NBD, plus an EP in 2012, and now we're anxiously awaiting Dirty Gold, her upcoming studio album.

To quench our Haze-y thirst, she's given us "No Bueno," which is anything but what its title indicates. Haze spits sharp jabs at her haters ("Say praise God/ Bitches, keep yo' day job") over a synth-y beat and proves that she is, in fact, killin' it. "No Bueno" is a fierce example of this MC's dope rap game. I dare you not to dance just a little when you listen, or maybe get a line or two stuck in your head: "My bitches out here on that old school/ That mean they do just what they told to." Check it below!

Photo via MissInfo.TV.

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