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Advice Diva!

Relationship, love and dating advice from the fabulous Diva herself! Learn how to get your "ex" back and find out what women really want. Downloadable ebooks and a FREE online advice column!



A dating blog offering free advice, the best tips on dating and whats new in the industry. Lots of fun and frolics!


Find out of someone you like, likes you back without the risk of rejection!

Feminine Beauty

Venus over Pan is a UNIQUE place where women and men get to experience excitement of the Sensual, Romantic, Mystical nature of Love...

Gemini and Scorpio's Guide to Online Dating


The world's most fabulous online dating site. No, not personals. Just our own Gemini and Scorpio brand of insightful witticism on the exciting world of online dating.

Hummingbird Hearts

An online community for transplanted ladies who have left their countries to join their partners in a long distance relationship.

Jo's Advice Column

This is an online advice column that is targeted toward women. It is completely free and anonymous.

Links 2 Love


Love, lust, romance, poetry, dating, kissing tips, lyrics, free advice - all love all the time!

Love Zona

Live Online Radio Shows For Singles. Online Dating Meets Talk Radio. Interesting topics, live callers. Listen anywhere. Create a free profile and meet other singles.

Romantic Love Songs and Midis


Old and new love song lyrics and midis (poetry too) - enjoy, then email as a special message...

Rules Girls Online


A forum dedicated to helping Rules Girls do The Rules based on the books by Fein & Schneider. We're the kind of CUAOs who know how to be treated like gold by men who adore us.



Check this out - it's a ring just for singles - all the way from those liberated folks in Sweden. The website also has a neat feature called Singel Request where they'll send an anonymous email to someone you know asking if they're single or not!


Furthering the efforts of women striving to develop an efficient bridge of information between sexes. Featuring relationship and sex advice, but also discussions on current affairs and media.

The 15 Minute Dating Blog (True Dating Horror Stories a...


This blog is a collection of most humorous stories by various authors/writers about their strange or hilarious experiences with online dating or just dating in general. I hope you enjoy read them as much as I did!

The Girl's Guide To Depravity

The guidebook for the girl who just wants to get laid without getting screwed.

The Love Knot: Guide for the Clueless and Lovelorn

Two sisters join forces to banter and ramble on about love, guys, relationships, flirting, dating, talking it out, breaking up and moving on.