Only Throw out Your Used Underwear - BUST


Ladies, if you are not already recycling your old clothes start doing it! Wearable Collections, a nonprofit that places clothing collection bins in residential buildings around New York City is a great and easy option for repurposing your discarded frocks. And for those of us who are intensely lazy it is super easy.
Get your building manager on board and fill out the incredibly simple web form to request a bin for your building! If you are not on speaking terms with your super there are also forms to notify them via email that you would like your building to participate in Wearable Collections. From there they do all the work for you, bringing you a bin and doing a clothing pick-up once a week. They also have a great option for charities. They will help you organize a clothing drive and then buy all the clothes collect! Giving you $$$ for your cause! Visit their website at http://wearablecollections.com/index.php.


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