A Sleepover Gone Wrong": Excerpts from Laurence Philomene's "Sugar High" Series

Laurence Philomene describes her photos as a “pre-teen sleepover gone wrong,” but I still kind of wish I went to this party. The 20-year-old freelance photographer from Montreal explores gender and femininity in many of her groups of photographs, but “Sugar High” takes the cake!

The photographer was also inspired by fine artist Wolfgang Tillmans, particularly this quote:

"As soon as you represent something, it’s always a mediated, invented situation. What is genuine, though, is the desire for authenticity. So, absurdly enough, that’s something that actually is authentic about this moment. Personally speaking, I feel somewhat post-authentic."

Philomene says these photographs express her focus on themes of girlhood, grooming, and puberty/rites of passage.

A selection of these photos are available online at Laurence Philomene’s Etsy and Society 6 page. 

Images courtesy of Etsy and Society 6.

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