A First For Washington: A Line In The Women’s Senator’s Bathroom

Looks like the Senate bathrooms might need a makeover.

Newly reelected Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar recently spoke about one consequence of having a record number of women senators: a line in the bathroom.

“For the first time, we had a traffic jam in the women’s senator’s bathroom,” she said. “There were five women in there. There’s only two stalls! And I’m not going to say who — that would be really bad for decorum. There were five of us in there, two newly elected. So, very exciting.”

After last week’s election, a record 20 women will serve in the Senate, so these ladies might need more than those two stalls. Let’s hope that Congress is quicker to adjust this time around — the Senate first got a women’s bathroom in 1993, and the House of Representatives didn’t get one until 2011.

Image from justbathroomsigns.com

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