A Dame with Game: Helen Mirren Plays Beer Pong with Jimmy Fallon

BUST cover woman Helen Mirren promoted more than just her upcoming film, "Red", when she went on NBC's show "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" recently. Fallon challenged our Dame to the popular college game of beer-pong, and she proved to be a great sport as she poured three cups into one and dutifully "chugged" when Fallon scored. 

"He nearly got my other cup," she joked when Fallon missed a play that hit her on the chest, followed by, "I'm never very good with balls," which was met with enthusiastic audience laughter and applause. Endlessly charming and graceful even when chugging beer, Helen Mirren was voted Fallon's favorite player so far, who told her she's a "Badass" at the end of the game. There's no doubt that this Academy Award winner, who can just as seamlessly play a retired spy as she can embody Queen Elizabeth II, knows how to have fun and keep a crowd engaged. 

Click here to watch coverage of the game. 


PHOTOS COURTESY OF www.dailymail.co.uk

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