The first solo album from the frontwoman of the L.A. band Hello Stranger.

Queens Die Proudly is the first solo album for Juliette Commagre, the keytar-totin' frontwoman of L.A. indie rock outfit Hello Stranger. Intensely layered and influenced by her classical background, Commagres debut is beautifully crafted--imagine the love child of Imogen Heap and Feist. 'Hearts' sets the tone, mixing tribal drumbeats with the synthesized foundation that ties the album together. The artist's haunting voice possesses an understated wisdom in both 'All Your Days' and 'Berceuse,' whispering lyrics such as 'I hide them well/These dark, dark spells.' The title track stands out, with its Mozart-meets-pop vibe, while the simplicity of 'Without Me' expresses an innocent loneliness, echoed by childlike vocals. The musicians depth, honesty, and vivid imagery separate Commagre from her  ambient peers. Regardless of where  you listen to Queens Die Proudly, it makes you feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, set to a mystical, synth-pop  soundtrack.