Watch How Jessica Williams Tears Down Hannity For Calling Jay Z a “Drug Dealer”

Last week, Sean Hannity went on his show on Fox News to discuss the meeting between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and rapper/mogul/husband to Beyonce, Jay Z. Strangely enough, Hannity doesn’t introduce Jay Z how we would best know him, but as “A guy that admits that he sold crack and was a drug dealer and actually shot somebody."

Luckily, Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams exist to call out Hannity on his bullshit — and they did just that in last night's episode. While Jon floundered with how to unpack Hannity’s racist remark, Williams was there to point out exactly how stupid Hannity looked.

For a network that harps on black respectability politics a whole lot, telling black men to pull their pants up and clean up their communities if they want to be treated better, Hannity fails to see how his description of Jay Z could be spun on his own Fox idols. Not to mention, as Williams points out, Jay Z fits all the requirements: he’s married, employed, and he even sells belts! Not that any of that matters to Fox.

Williams takes the concept of describing someone by the worst thing they’ve done and runs with it, calling “conservative patron saint” Rush Limbaugh a “prescription drug addict” and Ted Nugent a “pants-shitting, draft dodgy, public official threatening, statutory rape advocate."

If Hannity learns a lesson from Williams’ schooling, it’s that he should be a bit more careful when writing their segment teasers. Watch the clip above and let us know if you can think of any more titles for Fox talking heads. 


Images and video via Comedy Central. 




How to Eat Over the Sink & Other Important Busy Lady Life Skills

Whether it’s a carton of chocolate ice cream at 2am or instant oatmeal from a coffee mug before work, we’ve all been there. Either we're too busy or too lazy to bring our dish of leftover Thai fried rice from the kitchen to the couch. Instead, we fumble and flail around our tiny kitchens forking at our lukewarm spaghetti, and the only thing you’re doing that resembles manners is sticking your chin out over the sink to avoid getting marinara sauce on your already-wrinkled shirt.

These are our private moments, not our worst but certainly not our best. Sure, we want everyone to believe we are clean, normal humans who cook ourselves Pinterest-worthy meals. Though in reality, the only thing hovering is that cold slice of pizza over the clogged drain and dirty dishes. These moments are exactly what Stand Up and Eat host, Daisy Wall, wants to explore. 

In the YouTube series, Wall chats with comedians in New York about "what they eat over the sink when no one is watching.” While in its second season the food may not have gotten any better, the guests on the show are just as funny. From Crappy Crepes to Jerkale Noir, these makeshift meals are both disgusting at times and intriguing. Here’s our round up of our favorite episodes and their recipes. Try them in your own kitchen; all you need is not a lot of time and very little effort!

Jacqueline Novak’s American Stew:

Jacqueline Novak, comedian and writer based in New York, shares her over the sink delicacy, which, ingeniously, involves the use of a Keurig. In the episode you find out not only does Novak have a comedy album out called, Quality Notions, a new book coming out in 2015 about depression, but she also was once dared by a 5-year-old to eat a piece of dry cat food, and she did. Here’s the recipe for her famous “American Stew.”

What You’ll Need: 

A Keurig

“A simple little base”

Hemp Hearts

Forbidden Rice

How to Prepare:

Fill mug with the above ingredients and place under Keurig (remove any Fog Buster tea from the K-cup holder). Press brew and allow hot water to fill mug. Let cool and enjoy.


Leslie Meisel’s Mary’s Hummus Tapas:

Based in NYC, comedian, actor, writer, and director, Leslie Meisel, has it all – even some dusty gilt hidden on her kitchen counter! In this episode of Stand Up and Eat Meisel creates an appetizing hors d’oeuvre worthy dish that includes hard-boiled eggs and Mary’s Gone Crackers (hence the name). 

What You’ll Need:

Mary’s Organic Gone Crackers

Hard-boiled eggs



How to Prepare:

Collect a few crackers on your plate. Cut hard-boiled eggs into slices. Spread hummus onto cracker, followed by a slice of hard-boiled egg and finish with a dollop of pesto. Pair with a martini glass of seltzer and enjoy.

Kerry Coddett’s Pancakon:

It’s time to get classic with this Brooklyn based comedian. Kerry Coddett’s Pancakon (pancakes and bacon) are sure to please the palate, but what will really get the taste buds going is the beverage pairing that comes with it. Check out the recipe below and also the Coddett Project to see some sweet sketches. 

What You’ll Need for Pancakes and Bacon:

Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix


1 Egg



Turkey bacon

How to prepare:

Warm two frying pans to medium heat making sure one is covered with a thin layer of butter to avoid pancake batter sticking. Pour some pancake batter into pan (tip: when the top starts to bubble a bit, it’s time to flip). On the other pan place turkey bacon and cook til crispy.

What You’ll Need for Rutti-Tutti Fruity:

Champagne glass

St. Germain liqueur

Ruby red grapefruit juice from Tropicana

Canada Dry ginger ale

Fresh strawberry

How to prepare:

Add St. Germain to your liking (a lot), add grapefruit juice next, then top off with some ginger ale for bubbles (or substitute for champagne). Enjoy!

Check out Season Two for more hilarious one-on-ones and tune in each week to see what other comedians are snacking on over their sinks!

Image via Youtube.

Blaria LIVE! Presents Phoebe and Jessica's Holiday Extravaganza!

Pals Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are back with a special holiday edition of their monthly stand-up show, Blaria LIVE!, this Sunday, December 14, at Littlefield performance space in Brooklyn, NYC. Get yourselves some tickets here!

Yep, these are the lovely ladies responsible for this Girlfriend Intervention parody:

And this penis portrait studio spoof:

At last month’s LIVE! show, Phoebe promised us more videos, so we have our fingers crossed!

P.S. Special guests for the raucous comedy round-table include SNL’s Sasheer Zamata and Conan’s Gary Gulman! Seriously, buy a ticket!


Images and video via Blaria LIVE!, Phoebe Robinson


Movie Review: Still Alice

To begin, she forgets the word “lexicon.” Renowned linguistics professor, wife, and mother of three grown children, Alice Howland (Julianne Moore) grapples with losing her words to the cruel chaos of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. Still Alice, poised to be a brutal exposition, and an Oscar vehicle for Moore, is polished but forgettable.

The Howland family dynamics remain superficial whether fault lies in the acting, script, or characters themselves. The disease exposes selfishness in Alice’s husband (Alec Baldwin, inconsistently), detachment in her elder daughter (Kate Bosworth, convincingly) or nothing at all in her son (Hunter Parrish). Realistic reactions, perhaps, but the film is so completely concerned with Alice that it is difficult to empathize with her underdeveloped kin. Their coldness is damning, which is counter-intuitive for a film that at other times promotes the salve of love. This is the case with Lydia, Alice’s youngest daughter -- the struggling actress, black-sheep of the family, played with earnest compassion by Kristen Stewart -- even in her signature breathy, hair-tousling style. As Alice loses her memories, she forges a new loving lexicon with Lydia. Ultimately, their relationship is the heart of the film.

Moore maintains subtle grace, shining as the once eloquent Alice struggles to deliver a speech - she underlines each sentence to avoid embarrassing repetition. Disappointingly ungraceful are the filmmakers’ attempts to acknowledge technology in the contemporary experience of Alzheimer’s, indistinguishable from mere iProduct placement. Frequent shots in a shallow depth of field and close-ups on Moore’s articulate face augment Alice’s isolated disorientation, but the cool, khaki palette and sensible camera work belie the violent verse that Alice uses to describe being ravaged by Alzheimer’s: “fucking hell.”


Wide releasing January 16, Still Alice is written and directed by Richard Glatzer & Wash Westmoreland. 


Images and video via Sony


Get Excited For (& Tickets to) Athena Film Fest in NY This Feb!

Athena Film Festival, to be held February 5-8 at Barnard College in Manhattan, has already announced their 2015 honorees: director Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love & Basketball, Beyond the Lights), HBO documentary president Sheila Nevins, and Oscar-winning producer and Women in Film president Cathy Shulman, will be celebrated for their leadership and creative accomplishments.

The festival, now in its fifth year, shows off all the hard work of wicked cool women filmmakers of indies and big studios, as well as the dynamic, developed female characters that populate their documentaries, shorts, and features. They also curate the Athena List -- the “gender-conscious cousin of the Black List” -- a roster of 3-5 completed, but undeveloped scripts featuring strong female characters.

Last year, the festival line-up included some of my fave flicks of 2013: In a World…, Maidentrip, and Short Term 12. The program for this year will be announced in early January, but I bet it’ll be just as rad. So, grab an early bird pass (two tickets would make a perfect holiday gift...)!


Images via Athena Film Festival, Eurweb, Chapman University



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