The Broad City Map Of NYC (Literally Everywhere Abbi & Ilana End Up) Is AWESOME

Do you love Broad City? Let me rephrase: Are Abbi and Ilana all you think about, and do you want to be their best friend and go everywhere they go and do everything they do? Okay, maybe life will never be that perfect, but with this Broad City Map it can come pretty damn close. Get your friends together for a Broad City tour and visit all the places these crazy ladies have done funny things together. From a manhole in Chinatown to The New York Harbor, this map is your key to all good things.

Here they are waiting for a subway at 8th St

Abbi making a toast at City Hall restaurant Octavia

Ilana tree hugging in Prospect Park

Who wouldn't toss these drummers a dollar? 

Abbi and Ilana take on the subway - We know we've all been there.  

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5 Lady-Friendly Titles Netflix Is Adding Next Month

So it's officially spring. Instead of celebrating in high-waisted shorts, we're having to celebrate with our jackets on and snacking on office take-out. But we aren't letting snowflakes get us down—we're looking forward to Netflix's new April titles (and the warmer weather that will hopefully follow). 

Starting April 1st, Netflix will be removing some pretty longtime favorites: Mystic Pizza, Friday the 13th, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Sense and Sensibility will all sadly, disappear from our queues. They will be missed, but their absence will be filled with the addition of some choice picks. Here are our faves: 

April 8: 

Halt & Catch Fire, season 1 

This AMC sabout the 80s  Silicon Prairie features Mackenzie Davis as badass programmer Cameron Howe. There's also the added bonus of seeing Lee Pace and his eyebrows every episode.

 April 14th: 

The Babadook 

Australian actress Jennifer Kent's debut as writer/director ended up being a runaway hit, and for good reason. This monster is still haunting our dreams.

Goodbye to Language 

Check out Jean Luc Godard's 42nd film, an experimental 3D narrative essay (what a mouthful), for a stellar performance from Heloise Godet. 

April 17th: 

They Came Together 

David Wain's most recent project may not be the timeliest parody (it basically satirizes all of You've Got Mail), but it's pretty winning. Plus we'll watch anything with Amy P. Anything. 

April 21: 

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night 


This Iranian take on the vampire thriller is maybe our favorite pop culture item from this year. Catch it on Netflix before it's even gone from NYC theaters!

Image c/o Lionsgate

Kids Reading Mean Tweets Is A Heartbreaking Must-Watch

When Jimmy Kimmel has celebrities read mean tweets it’s absolute hilarity because, ya know, they are wealthy and famous, and obviously in need of some healthy humbling. Watching children read mean tweets about themselves, on the other hand, reminds us of just how serious bullying is—cyber, or otherwise.

Here's an important reminder that it's not "just the Internet." 

 Kids Read Mean Tweets
Video via Canadian Safe School Network 

Our Top 5 Moments From Amy Sedaris's 'Strangers With Candy' Interview


Strangers With Candy aired on Comedy Central for an exhilarating but brief bout at the turn of the millennium. The show was your typical high school melodrama, only starlet Amy Sedaris played a 46 year old recovered drug addict returning to school as a freshman. Sedaris intoxicated us as Jerri Blank with her fluttering lazy eye, underbite, turtleneck, and “fatty suit” induced F.U.P.A. She co-created and starred in the show alongside Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert, and together they made a cult classic T.V. program full of raunchy humor and taboo subjects.

The show walked a fine line between humorous and totally politically incorrect, and that’s what made it so special. Sedaris and her co-stars constantly caricatured race, class, and sexual identity, but it was never unconscious. Strangers is a mockery of American culture, our shame, and our often terribly offensive beliefs.  The show somehow passed under the radar of mainstream pop-culture, but it was also a year when TLC released two top singles and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets came out... Needless to say, some of us were busy.

Luckily, Esquire recently revisited some of our favorite too-soon cancelled TV shows, and we're pleased to say Strangers made the cut. How many geniuses do you need to make a show like this? A couple, and here are some of our favorite moments from Esquire’s exclusive interview with two of those Geniuses. 

1. Amy Sedaris in response to the popularity of the show… “We didn't know we had an audience for Strangers until we did the book Wigfield [in 2003]. And then we saw all these ugly people and we were like, 'Oh my God, who are all these people?' God, we had an audience for Strangers and we had no idea."

2. Paul Dinello in reference to Sedaris’ character Jerri Blank… “She lives like an animal. She lives in the moment. She's only worried about where her next meal is going to come from and maybe her next sexual conquest.”

3. Paul Dinello on how they got away with the show’s lunacy… "I think in those days nobody was watching the store. There weren't a lot of grown-ups around."

4. Sedaris speaking on Jerri’s fashion and styling… “Vicki Farrell did the wardrobe for her, and the only thing I can think of that I told Vicki was, 'I want to look like I own a snake.' And she just nailed it. She was very put-together, just like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. She had a really distinct style. I like opposites. I like it when unattractive people try to be attractive. You know, with the makeup and the hair off the neck and coordinated outfits. She always looked presentable.”

5. Sedaris in reference to Strangers script and writing… “Paul and Stephen were great with words and jokes and stuff, but for me, I'm very clownish. So I like to watch the series and be like, 'Okay, if I couldn't hear or understand anything, could I still find the show entertaining?' And I did. 'Cause everyone was so interesting to look at.”

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10 Times Kimmy Schmidt Said Something Awesomely Empowering

It doesn’t get much more adorable than Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt in Tina Fey’s new Netflix series, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. From her bright flowery outfits to her relentlessly upbeat attitude, Kimmy never fails to lift our spirits and remind us that everything will be okay if we just stay true to ourselves.

And while in true-to-form sitcom fashion, the show has no shortage of silly (and amazingly weird) jokes, it also has a ton of heart. Kimmy’s character serves as a reminder of how powerful it is to stay positive, respect yourself, and never lose sight of your dreams. 

It also has some great guest stars: Tina Fey (in a perm!) makes an appearance, and Jon Hamm shocks us with his creepy role in the last few episodes. Not to mention, it has the same jolts of hilariously dark humor that set 30 Rock apart.

But back to our original point...

Here are 10 times Kimmy stole our hearts by saying something awesomely empowering:

  1. To her boss, Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski), on staying positive (even when you’re trapped underground by a crazy Reverend): “Smile until you feel better. I call it Kimmying, watch!”


  1. In response to the Reverend calling her and the other mole women garbage: “We’re not garbage, we’re human-beings.”

  1. To the other mole women on why she wants to start fresh in NYC: “Everyone in Indiana is just going to look at me like I’m a victim, and that’s not what I am.”

  1. To her roommate Titus (Tituss Berguss) on why she won’t leave New York, and why he shouldn’t give up on his dream either: “Life beats you up, Titus. It doesn’t matter if you got tooken by a cult or you’ve been rejected over and over again at auditions. You can either curl up in a ball and die… or you can stand up and say we’re different. We’re the strong ones, and you can’t break us.”


  1. To Jacqueline's son, Buckley, on how to keep from tearing open his birthday presents before the party guests leave: “Just take it ten seconds at a time.”

  1. To Jacqueline on being true to herself in her messed-up marriage: “You can’t put a price tag on your self-respect."

  1. To Cindy about how to live her life post-bunker: “Listen to me: don’t listen to me. You get to live your life the way you want … No one gets to tell you what to do.”

  1. As she heads into court to prosecute the Reverend: “Stop! It’s Kimmy time.”


  1. Supporting Jacqueline at the divorce lawyer: “You’re so much stronger than you think.”

  1. Kimmy to her awesome self: “I’m having candy for dinner!”

    Images via Crushable and HollywoodLife


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