When Online Dating, Beware Of 'Buck Boilers': BUST True Story

By Elcie Burrows  In Sex  On May 24, 2016

After a recent round trip into the murky world of dating, I’ve arrived back with an assortment of souvenirs such as a mildly wounded pride (from the guy who implied I was fatter in real life than my photos online indicated), an empty purse (from all the drinking I had to do to get me through the bad dates) and an acceptance that I'm much better off single.Of course, like on every good trip, I definitely learnt some new things about the world around us. Like any night spent in a hostel dorm room, you’ll meet some pretty… Read more
Rad ladies of Los Angeles, get ready. Lisa Butterworth, West Coast editor here at BUST, will be featured at a Lady Boss event at Segovia Hall in Los Angeles on June 16. Lisa will give an enlightning talk (or as Lady Boss calls it, “blitz wisdoms”) about having more awesome times in professional life. She will partake in their peer-to-peer flash mentoring exercise, a Lady Boss networking activity. The event aims to help professional women feel as incredibly rad as they can! Lisa will be joined by comedian, writer and… Read more
If you haven’t heard of Negin Farsad, you are in for a treat because this woman is brilliant. Just like her inspirations, Farsad is unbound by genre. She’s an Iranian American who blends comedy with social justice. Negin is stand-up comedian, sketch writer, documentarian, filmmaker, former policy advisor and Ted Fellow. Her first book, How to Make White People Laugh, a memoir of essays, was recently published and her fourth film, 3rd Street Blackout (co-created with Jeremy Redleaf), premiered at Tribeca Film Festival… Read more

7 Reasons Why Netflix Needs to Pick Up Agent Carter

By Katherine Barner  In TV  On May 24, 2016

Spoiler Alert! Marvel’s Agent Carter was one of the several shows that got the axe from ABC last week. Thanks to the wonderful, loyal Agent Carter fans, a petition to get the show to return through Netflix was created almost immediately, and already has over 100,000 signatures, and #SaveAgentCarter is trending on Twitter. We are not ready to let go of one of Marvel’s few and most amazing heroines! Here are 7 reasons why Netflix really, absolutely, 100% needs to pick up Agent Carter. 1. There are barely any women in the… Read more
Simone is in her early twenties and looks like any other university student. She's pretty, but in ripped skinny jeans and trainers, you'd never guess what she did for a living. Simone works for a high-class escort agency in Europe, making more money in one night than most students will earn in a month. Five minutes into a conversation with her, you can tell she's incredibly intelligent, talking knowledgeably about current political and economic issues — not what you would expect from the stereotype of a girl in her… Read more

Maria Bamford Is A Comedy Rebel: From The BUST Archives

By BUST Magazine  In TV  On May 24, 2016

Like many female standup comics, Maria Bamford has a joke about wanting to get married. But her take on it is, well, different. “I do wanna get married. It just sounds great,” she begins in her naturally high, girlish voice. “You get to go grocery shopping together, and rent videos, and the kissing and the hugging underneath the cozy covers. Mmmm!” And here her voice gets a little deeper and slower: “But sometimes I worry that I don’t wanna get married as much as I’d like to be dipped in a vat of warm, rising bread… Read more

Garbage's New Single 'Empty' Sounds Like 1993

By Meghan Sara  In Music  On May 24, 2016

Garbage's first single off their upcoming album Strange Little Birds (dropping June 10th) sounds like Garbage. That's a good thing, too, because the band's ability to stay true to their heady, hard-rockin' sound all the way up to this, their sixth studio album may just be the key to maintaining their devoted fan base. Maybe it's intentional: Rolling Stone quoted the band's frontwoman, Shirley Manson, from a statement where she admitted "To me, this record, funnily enough, has the most to do with the first record than… Read more
Here at BUST, the summer music season is in full swing and the heat is on! To celebrate, we’ve got riot grrrl pioneer and timeless badass Kathleen Hanna gracing our cover. And inside, we’ve got an exclusive interview with OITNB’s awesome Uzo Aduba, a surprising photo essay featuring a woman who left the world behind to work with adorable sloths in the jungle, a true story of our staffer’s dating app adventures all over N.Y.C., and a guide to getting birth control for free online. And get ready for even more tasty… Read more

Where Are All The Women In Film?

By Aidan Daley-Hynes  In Movies  On May 23, 2016

Angelenos, story-makers, film buffs, and women who put women first, be sure to catch the last dates of the completely free UCLA Film Fatales series on May 24, 26, and 31. Also worth your time is one of the seventeen Film Fatales’ entries into the LA Film Festival coming up June 1-9. Do not miss your chance to see what these wise ladies are up to. Consider the stark statistics. According to a recent study conducted by USC Annenberg, 77.4% of show creators are men. Only 17.1% of television directors are women. 28.7% of… Read more
Emma Greenwell has something in common with Colin Firth, Jonny Lee Miller and Carey Mulligan: They’ve all starred in multiple adaptations of Jane Austen novels. But Greenwell has a familiarity with Austen mania that none of these other actors can claim: She appeared in two Jane Austen movies in the same year.Currently in theaters, you can see Greenwell play Catherine Vernon, the sweet sister-in-law of the conniving Lady Susan (Kate Beckinsale) in Love and Friendship, which also stars Chloë Sevigny. Just a few months… Read more

My Father Divorced Me: BUST True Story

By Caitlin Madison  In Living  On May 23, 2016

My father left me and I don’t know why. I’ll never know why and I’m okay with that. I’m not a people pleaser. I don’t need him to love me or be there for me or even care if I’m dead or alive. I’d actually prefer that he not.On the day he left, which happened to be two days before Christmas, I got a series of two phone calls.“Your father just left,” was all my mother had said in the first call.20 minutes later my mom called again.“The doorbell just rang and I was served with divorce papers.”The first words that came out… Read more

Guess Who Had An All-Male Panel About 'The Woman Card'?

By GenderAvenger  In Feminism  On May 23, 2016

Donald Trump’s remarks on “the woman card” swept the media and became a hot topic in election coverage, but when it came to providing commentary on this issue, which shows included women experts in on-air segments about “the woman card” in the first 48 hours following Trump’s remarks?Morning Joe, The Kelly File, and Fox & Friends all featured segments about the woman card... with 100% male analysts.We wish something as absurd as all-male experts covering “the woman card” was out of the ordinary, but unfortunately it’s… Read more
Can a pill derived from a little-known plant get an addict off heroin in just a single dose? One woman thinks so, and she’s risking her life trying to make it available to those who need it most“My experience was just so profound and it had such an impact on me that I never could shake it. I was fascinated by ibogaine.”It’s December 9, 2013, and 27-year-old Shea Prueger is speaking to me over Skype from a friend’s house on the Thai island of Koh Samui, a place of beautiful beaches, tropical fruits, and sea breezes.… Read more
Emma Watson is the Belle of the ball (hehe, get it?) in Disney's new trailer for Beauty and the Beast. The film, which is slated for release on March 17 of next year, is the third of Disney's recent live-action retellings of the classic princess tales, following Cinderella's success in 2015 and Maleficent's in 2014. Save for a few shots of the castle, we don't get much from the trailer, and the notorious Beast doesn't make a single appearance—all we get is a scratch across an old family portrait. Hell, we don't even… Read more

Frozen's Queen Elsa May Become The First Gay Disney Princess

By Kaleigh Wright  In Movies  On May 23, 2016

Disney’s smash hit Frozen is en route for a sequel and Queen Elsa is looking for love. But fans of the film have a big request for the second film, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend.After hearing that the sequel was officially in the works and rumors that this time Elsa might find her one true love, Alexis Isabel Moncada, a teen activist, began thinking of her ideal match for the Snow Queen. Moncada, like many teens, identified immediately with the major theme of the first film: learning to love and accept yourself and the… Read more
Summertime is so close you can almost taste it! Juicy and sweet, just like the fresh fruit that will soon tempt us from farmer's market stalls, our CSA hauls, and berry picking day trips with our gal pals! Is there anything better than sinking your teeth into a nice, healthy piece of fruit in the very field it was grown in?? Uh, YES THERE IS: You could drown that fruit in a pitcher of wine and pour some sugar over it. That, my friends, is the best way to eat fruit! Get out them big glass pitchers, it's SANGRIA SEASON!… Read more
"I can only ask you, do you have a child? You think he’s perfect? Sure. There’s not a mother in the world who doesn’t hold that little child and thank God — it’s the most wonderful present in the whole world. But that child grows up and that child does something bad. He makes a mistake. Just one. Never to be forgiven." — Nancy Morais Nancy Morais founded Florida Justice Transitions trailer park 20 years ago after her son, a convicted sex offender, had a hard time finding a place to live. Prison is only the beginning… Read more

'Maggie's Plan' Keeps Audiences Guessing: BUST Review

By BUST Magazine  In Movies  On May 20, 2016

Maggie’s PlanWritten and directed by Rebecca MillerOut May 20 Rating Maggie’s Plan keeps audiences guessing from the opening scene. The film begins when Maggie (Greta Gerwig) runs into her ex (Bill Hader) and tells him that she wants to have a baby and is considering artificial insemination. But this isn’t going where you think it is—they don’t fall in love. Maggie decides to procreate with a “pickle entrepreneur” (Travis Fimmel) and Hader’s character stays firmly in the friend role. Maggie’s procreation plan is put in… Read more
Women aint nothin' ta fuck wit. With the TigerLady self-defense claw, you can have the confidence of Catwoman when you claw the life out of someone, TIGA-STYLE. I am all into weird discreet weapons, so when this arrived, I realized its potential and pounced. There have been countless times when I am getting off a subway late at night, and I see someone look at me, or any other girl, like they are prey. I usually end up going through my bag to see what I can use for a makeshift weapon/shank if necessary. I have several… Read more
In celebration of the day Cher came to this Earth (no need to call it a birthday or mention a number when discussing an immortal legend), we bring you the weirdest and most wonderful moments Cher has shared: Cher performed West Side Story. SHE. PLAYED. EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. Cher has a whole drawer dedicated to false eyelashes. She also has a sparkle drawer, hilariously documented by Kathy Griffin on the tumblr Kathycher. She performed a medley with David Bowie in 1975, where the two danced adorably. There was a… Read more
The 90s are officially BACK! NYC's "punk blues" band Boss Hog has just released their first single in 16 years. "Wichita Grey" is one of four tracks off of Brood Star, their "amuse bouche" preview for their impending new full-length album, Brood X. Boss Hog's roots stretch back to NYC in the early 1990s. Married couple Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer (of the Blues Explosion) anchor the group, with Jens Jurgensen, Hollis Queens, and Mickey Finn rounding out the deliciously unsavory quintet. Appearing as themselves in… Read more

Remembering Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 13 Years Later

By Lindsay Patton-Carson  In TV  On May 20, 2016

I didn’t miss the significance when Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air the same week I graduated high school. My favorite show, the show that ushered me through my adolescence, was ready to move on at the same time I was. After seven years, we had both put in our time and were ready to walk away from our own version of the hellmouth. I no longer relied on Buffy to navigate me through my teen years, but I would never forget the way it helped me. Buffy’s pilot episode began just when I needed it. I was in the… Read more
Money Monster, Jodie Foster’s fourth directorial effort, received a standing ovation at Cannes and earned $15 million during its opening U.S weekend, an 180 degree difference from her last film, The Beaver, which opened amidst a storm of controversy surrounding lead actor Mel Gibson’s bigotry. But no matter the media frenzy, Foster navigates it all honestly.Foster was born in Los Angeles and as a child actor, grew up in Hollywood. She credits her mom, Evelyn—who was also her manager—with the high standards she… Read more
New York BUSTies: what if I told you there was a way for you to donate to breast cancer charities while sippin' on cocktails made by some of the fastest —and best— lady bartenders from all across the country? You'd be like "Aw HELL YEAH," right? Well, lick your lips and prepare to say just that, because Speed Rack Season 5 National Finals is coming to Webster Hall this Sunday evening! WTF is Speed Rack? Well, in this season, almost 200 bartenders from 8 major cocktail metropolises (Chicago, New York, San Antonio,… Read more

Riot Grrrl Chicana Punk Band FEA Take On Rape Culture With Their New Hit

By Courtney Bissonette  In Music  On May 19, 2016

You don’t have to speak Spanish to know Mujer Moderna is the next feminist anthem you won't be able to stop singing. FEA is the side project band of Girl in A Coma's Phanie Diaz and Jenn Alva. Lead vocalist Letty Martinez and guitarist Aaron Magana join together to create a melodic brand of "riot grrrl Chicana punk." The members of the band rock hard, but preach harder. Using the same finesse of taking the insult of the term "fea" and turning it into an anagram for 'Fuck 'em all,' they turn the tables on slut-shaming… Read more

Amy Schumer Wants You To Help Her Fight Gun Violence

By Morgan Gartner  In Living  On May 19, 2016

Amy Schumer recently came out in support of the “Wear Orange” campaign for Everytown for Gun Safety. Everytown is an organization that aims to educate the public on issues of gun violence and fight for stricter gun legislation in order to ensure safer communities. After two people were killed when a gunman open fired in a theater showing of Schumer’s film Trainwreck, the actress decided that the time to come out in support of communities safe from gun violence was now. Schumer calls for all of her fans to wear orange… Read more
When my now-husband and I decided to get married, our community was elated. But not long after, I started to notice subtle (and at times, not-so-subtle) differences in the way some of our friends and family began interacting with me. As a bisexual woman marrying a cisgender straight man, when I got engaged, I feared my queer identity would be further erased in the eyes of others. I certainly was not prepared when people began to replace my entire birth name, first and last, with my partner's as a compliment.My fiancé… Read more
This morning, Oklahoma legislatures took the war on women’s bodies to a new level. Lawmakers approved a bill that would make it a felony to perform abortions and would make the procedure punishable by up to three years in prison. According to The Washington Post, “the bill also says that any physician who participates in an abortion will be prohibited from obtaining or renewing a license to practice medicine in the state.” The bill passed in both the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the state’s senate by large… Read more

9 Photos That Prove #MakeupIsGenderless

By Meghan Sara  In Style  On May 19, 2016

This past Monday, RuPaul's Drag Race crowned its eighth queen (yas, Matt, I told you Bob would win!!), so the concept of men wearing makeup to look like women? That's nothing new. What is new is the social media campaign #makeupisgenderless, which promotes men using makeup for all the reasons women do: to even out skin tone, highlight certain features, blend in, and stand out. Seeing the photos almost makes you wonder, "Why haven't men been wearing makeup all along?" It's about freaking time! @makeupbyjakejamie Beauty… Read more
Unless you've been living "Under the Sea," you've probably been catcalled at some point in your life. Street harassment is an everyday annoyance for women when they're just living their lives, "strolling along down a — what's that word again? — STREET!" Speaking for myself, I've experienced ALL of them — and many of them in the past week. While science still can't explain to us WHY men catcall (are they trying to date us? IDK, I really DK), we know that catcalling can take on many forms. Below are the seven most common… Read more

Move Over, Barbie! These Creepy Anatomical Dolls Are Way Too Real

By Courtney Bissonette  In Arts  On May 19, 2016

Hey Barbie, take a backseat in that pink convertible of yours! Anatomically correct female wax figures were the O.G. of dolls in the 18th century. If you were a kid in the 1700’s, you’ll remember these awesome dolls from your childhood. Because most of us weren’t ( though someone in the comment section is bound to disagree #Notall300yearolds), Morbid Anatomy Museum co-founder Joanna Ebenstein has put together a book of haunting photos of these dissectible dolls. The Anatomical Venus features over 250 images of the… Read more
Yesterday, the second trailer for the new Ghostbusters film was released, first via Facebook and Twitter, then on YouTube. The trailer features more slime, more humor and an impressive show of special effects. The film, starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones comes to theaters July 15th. The first trailer was met with a barrage of dislikes and comments from YouTubers critiquing mainly the film’s female cast. Although those who seem (somewhat irrationally) passionately opposed to the film… Read more
Sheer tights have ditched their conservative baggage. These printed versions give the illusion of tattoos without any commitment. Except, of course, a commitment to looking effortlessly lit. Hand Painted Beetles Tattoo Tights, $22.92tattootightstatul.etsy.com Girl With Balloon, $34.50hottattoosocks.etsy.com Mary Jane Tights, $13dollskill.com Two Become One Printed Sheer Tights, $33.95trendylegs.com --- By Callie WattsPhotos by Megan SeniorModeled by Olivia HarrisonShoes by Lulu's (Beetles Tights and Two Become One… Read more

4 Brands That Actually Give Back

By Sarah Martinez  In Style  On May 18, 2016

Many companies are quick to support or donate to breast cancer awareness, but the fine print often reveals that it’s often just a few cents for every purchase. Any donation makes a difference, but some companies make big donations to make a difference for all kinds of women (and children) — and not just for the sake of good PR.1. Purpose JewelryThe silver jewelry is handmade by modern-day slavery survivors. All of the proceeds go to International Sanctuary, which provides holistic care for former sex-slave victims.2.… Read more

Iranian Women Arrested After Posting Photos On Instagram

By Kaleigh Wright  In Feminism  On May 18, 2016

Eight Iranian women have been arrested over “promiscuous” photos they posted on Instagram. The photos showed the women fully clothed, but missing a very important piece of attire: a headscarf. All eight of the women’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and any connected business websites have been taken down alongside their arrests.This may seem extreme to the millions of us who freely post selfie after selfie, but in Iran women, and even tourists visiting the country, have been forced to cover their hair since the… Read more
Covering a range of topics, including domestic economy, conjugal duties, and submission to one’s husband, the bulk of 19th century marriage manuals were directed at young wives occupying the middle and upper classes. These manuals were written by both men and women and were so numerous during the Regency and Victorian eras that some of the books contain notices wherein the author preemptively defends himself against future allegations of plagiarism. In author William Andrus Alcott’s 1837 book The Young Wife, or Duties… Read more

10 Reasons We Love To Celebrate Tina Fey On Her Birthday

By Katherine Barner  In Entertainment  On May 18, 2016

On this very special day, Tina Fey celebrates her 46th birthday. In honor of her birthday, we would like to recognize a few of the many reasons why she is one of our favorite total badass (and hilarious) feminists. Here’s to you, Tina! She Talks Honestly About Her Period “I was ten. I had noticed something was weird earlier in the day, but I knew from commercials that one's menstrual period was a blue liquid that you poured like laundry detergent onto maxi pads to test their absorbency. This wasn't blue, so...I ignored… Read more
The 3rd Annual Vulture Festival Occurs May 21-22, 2016 at Milk Studios in New York City. Vulture.com, New York magazine’s culture and entertainment site, has announced additional events to its already amazing lineup for the 2016 Vulture Festival. The annual Vulture Festival is a series of high-profile events celebrating the best of today’s television, music, and film. Guest appearances include Amy Poehler, Shonda Rhimes, the cast of Mr. Robot and Jessica Jones, Sarah Silverman, and many more. What are these additional… Read more
Have you heard of the Wonder Woman pose? Illustrator Rachel Foss explains how posing like Wonder Woman will give you IRL superpowers: Rachel Foss is an illustrator and designer living in Chicago. She loves her cats, drawing comics, eating and drinking in Chicago, and sharing her positive outlook with others. Follow her on rachelfossdesign.com, rachelfoss.tumblr.com, Twitter and Instagram. More from BUST The Complicated, Creepy History Of Wonder Woman And Her Creator The 'Wonder Woman' Sneak Peek Makes All Our Feminist… Read more
Kesha has made a heartbreaking announcement that she will no longer be performing at the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday. Dr. Luke’s record label previously gave her permission to perform, and has since rescinded the authorization. Dick Clark Productions, which oversees the awards show on ABC, said in a statement to E! News: "Kesha accepted an invitation to perform on the show and she received written approval from Dr. Luke's record label, Kemosabe Records. Kemosabe subsequently rescinded its approval following a… Read more

Robin Wright Wins 'House Of Cards' Wage Gap Battle

By Robyn Smith  In Feminism  On May 18, 2016

Robin Wright is a badass. She demanded equal pay for her leading role as First Lady Claire Underwood in Netflix's House of Cards. In 2014, the Cards star reportedly made $480,000 per episode compared to Kevin Spacey's $500,000. Spacey plays president Frank Underwood, and the two share the same amount of lines and depth—meaning they should have equal compensation. "I was looking at the statistics and Claire Underwood's character was more popular than [Frank's] for a period of time. So I capitalized on it. I was like,… Read more
At one point during our Picnic at Hanging Rock–inspired shoot in the hills above Los Feliz in Los Angeles, the women of Warpaint were dressed in varying shades of ivory, wearing pink ribbons, and holding lacy parasols while looking sweet, serene, and forlorn against a muted backdrop. But that gentility is all a façade. In actuality, 27-year-old drummer Stella Mozgawa is cracking dirty jokes as she reads poetry from a prop book, and bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg, 32, is cursing at the rose she's holding after pricking her… Read more
Seattle-native punk super group Childbirth have expanded their tour dates in June, adding a second NYC date. This will be the first time the all-female trio has toured through NYC. They will be playing at Baby’s All Right on June 10, and Shea Stadium on June 9. Childbirth will be joined by Aye Nako, Sharkmuffin, Tin Vulva and Drella at Shea Stadium. Julia Shapiro, Bree McKenna and Stacy Peck from the bands Chastity Belt, Tacocat, and Pony Time, respectively, make up the humorously and unapologetically honest band, who… Read more

How I Embraced Being A 'Party of One': BUST True Story

By Carly Lanning  In Living  On May 17, 2016

“Just one?”“Yes! Just me! Party of One! One lady! One independent, nearsighted feminist lady!”Clad in my Jackie O-inspired cream coat and for once, red lipstick, I was taking myself out to celebrate my one year anniversary of moving to New York City. A quick dinner of mac and cheese, an Oreo whoopie pie, and I was off to see a play in the West Village. It felt so New York, and not the realistic New York I experienced in my everyday life, but the version six seasons of “Sex and the City” had promised me. Tonight, I was… Read more
Famous Portland-based artists Brian and Jonathan, known as The Gay Beards, are changing the way we look at beards. No longer the source of an unfortunate post-makeout skin rash or a sad attempt at masculinity, @thegaybeards have turned beards into a work of art. Here are 10 examples of how magical beards can be: These roses give us a warm and fuzzy feeling in our hearts. It's the luck o' the Irish! Or, a lot of fantastic glitter. In case you wanted cereal for breakfast. We're feeling the love. Even T-Swift would be… Read more
A piece of our adolescence has died: popular mall retailer Aeropostale has officially filed for bankruptcy. All across this great nation, "preppies" are sinking to their knees in their relaxed-fit slim khakis and blowing their noses on their long-sleeved polo shirts. Though a Hollister may eventually fill that empty space in the mall between Payless Shoes and Pretzel Time, no one can fill the void in our hearts. But we come to bury Aeropostale, not to praise him! In honor of our departed store, let's dig up the fossils… Read more
Last October, we talked about how awesome it was that Laverne Cox had joined the cast of Fox’s remake of the beloved yet strange Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yesterday, the network dropped the first commercial—and damn it, it’s basically perfect. Without further ado, we present the top 14 reasons why we’re excited for this film.14. The original script from the 1975 cult classic is being used. 13. Kenny Ortega, the director, also directed the High School Musical trilogy and Hocus Pocus. 12. The film is slated for a… Read more
Guerrilla artist Swoon is creating oddball masterpieces on her own terms Swoon isn't content to stay cloistered in her studio all day. Instead, the 35-year-old New Yorker has focused her energies on public art, masterminding countless graffiti pieces, sculptures, and large-scale design projects since 1999. Born Caledonia Dance Curry (thank her hippie parents for that awesome name), Swoon fell in love with art at age 10, in a painting class. “I made this oil painting on a canvas,” she says, “and I was instantly like,… Read more

This Meteorologist Was Asked To Cover Up On Air

By Robyn Smith  In Feminism  On May 17, 2016

A meteorologist was asked to cover up Sunday morning by her co-worker, who was playing a joke on her, according to her personal blog.Liberté Chan, who works for KTLA in Los Angeles, was given a gray sweater on air that made her look “like a librarian” in response to emails saying her sparkly little black dress was too inappropriate.Many viewers took social media by storm, angry that Chan had to cover up just because some viewers disapproved of her LBD and dubbing the situation #sweatergate. “I was surprised since I… Read more

Why We Still Need To Talk About Woody Allen

By Robyn Smith  In Feminism  On May 16, 2016

Last week, Ronan Farrow, son of famous director and alleged child molester Woody Allen, published a letter in The Hollywood Reporter discussing how the media avoid the hard questions, dodging what may limit their access to other celebrities through Allen’s PR representation.“Being in the media as my sister's story made headlines, and Woody Allen's PR engine revved into action, gave me a window into just how potent the pressure can be to take the easy way out,” Farrow writes in the Reporter column. “Every day,… Read more