When I was 17, I worked at a retail store part-time after school and on the weekends. For the most part, it was great fun. I was friends with many of my coworkers and we often hung out after work, going out to eat or to drink or to someone’s house. It was a time when adolescent experimentation and substances crossed paths, and saucy and regrettable things sometimes happened. Distinct from after-hours shenanigans, however, was a manager at the store who clearly crossed boundaries. At first, I thought it was just me he… Read more

I Do Not Pledge Allegiance To The Flag

By Lauren Ashley Week  In Living  On Sep 26, 2016

I still remember my discomfort as I stood from my desk every weekday morning. As I reached my right hand towards my chest, a hesitation lingered. With each familiar word, feelings of doubt manifested themselves, twisting the depths of my stomach and sitting heavy on my heart. I’ve always felt uneasy paying homage to our flag. Throughout elementary and middle school, I would force myself to proudly stand, place my hand upon my chest, and recite the (compulsorily) memorized lines of our Pledge. But, as I got older, I… Read more

This Is The Cutest Clitoris You Will Ever See

By Eleonor Botoman  In Movies  On Sep 26, 2016

“Then Sigmund Freud, the Number One enemy of the clitoris, invented the concept of the vaginal orgasm and decreed that a mature woman must find her pleasure exclusively through penetration. Thus began a wave of clitorial obscurantism.” Ah yes, the clitoris. Perhaps the most misunderstood part of female genitalia. Over the years, the clitoris has been the subject of numerous (mostly male-dominated) debates over its purpose and is usually kept out of conversations about orgasm and sexual health. Lori Malépart-Traversy, a… Read more

We Can't Wait To Binge-Watch 'Good Girls Revolt'

By Patricia Affriol  In Movies  On Sep 26, 2016

Amazon has released the trailer for Good Girls Revolt — and we get a look at the rampant sexism in New York's media industry in 1969. The series is inspired Lynn Povich's notable book The Good Girls Revolt, which details a sexual discrimination case in the 1960s. The enticing drama, starring Grace Gummer (as Nora Ephron), Genevieve Angelson (as Patti Robinson), and Anna Camp (as Jane Hollander), is about a group of young, determined female researchers who are beginning to reject the ridiculous sexist rules that keep… Read more
Finally, former BUST cover gal Jenny Slate is starring in a movie again, her first lead role since the brilliant 2014 film Obvious Child. In My Blind Brother — directed by Sophie Goodhart and out now — Slate plays Rose, a woman who dumps her fiancé only to see him get hit by a bus and die minutes later — and then she meets a new love interest at his wake. Soon, she finds herself in the center of a love triangle between two brothers, the loveable slacker/stoner Bill (Nick Kroll), and the arrogant, type-A athlete Robbie… Read more
Check out British director Sophie Goodhart’s IMDB page, and you’ll see quite a few credits under "Writer" and "Assistant Director," but under the “Director” heading, there are only two entries — and they have the same title. The first “My Blind Brother” was a short film Goodhart made back in 2003, inspired in part by her relationship with her sister, who has MS and uses a wheelchair. The second My Blind Brother is out now and stars Jenny Slate as a woman caught in a love triangle between the two brothers — an arrogant,… Read more

Do You Shave? On The Fur We Live In

By Isabel Dieppa  In Living  On Sep 26, 2016

The conversation about body hair started between my friend Alana and I one boring day at work. I was explaining to her how I had facial hair due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and I wanted to do laser hair removal. One year and several laser hair removal sessions later and we are on the cusp of opening our first-ever theatrical show, Do You Shave. I won’t tell you, dear reader, everything about the show, I don’t want to ruin the surprise! But in a nutshell, the show is a dance theater odyssey exploring the circus we… Read more
Sunday, October 2nd The Lady Parts Justice will be hosting their first live stream for The Golden Probes Awards from (Le) Poisson Rouge in NYC. Why shouldn’t you miss this? Because they will be hilarious! These awards were created to recognize “outstanding achievements in the fields of sexism and anto-abortion extremism” which means that they will be punching in the face all the terrible politics and laws that have been enacted across the U.S. We´re expecting this show to be as funny as the awards nominees categories… Read more
If you grew up during the '90s to early 2000s, you probably remember reading Girls’ Life, or as it was known back then, GL. Girls’ Life is a magazine for young girls ages 10 to 15. It’s basically the Bible for middle school girls these days and the precursor to Seventeen magazine, and then, later on Cosmopolitan. This is a magazine that has accompanied young girls for over twenty years, giving them the inside scoop on style, fitness, dating, and books. Yet despite the magazine’s wholesome image and mission to inspire… Read more

Why Bisexuals of All Genders Need Feminism

By Devon Preston  In Feminism  On Sep 23, 2016

This week, September 19th through the 26th marks bisexual awareness week; which is a week that aims to educate, inform, and inspire people about the bisexual community. Today, September 23rd, we celebrate Bisexuality Day, a holiday that was created eighteen years ago to promote bi-visibility. Bisexuality has become more common and according to a 2015 study by YouGov estimates that around 29% of 18 to 29-year-olds identify as not being 100% heterosexual. However, despite 1 in 3 people identifying as somewhat bisexual,… Read more

10 Amazing Photos from VICE Magazine's Women-Only Photo Issue

By Patricia Affriol  In Arts  On Sep 23, 2016

VICE Magazine's 15th annual photo issue is featuring exclusively women photographers — and we think it's great! The visibility of female artist is something we value here at BUST. This photo issue puts together 38 compelling artists that depict diverse narratives from all over the world with such a compassionate touch, that it challenges the way we see our globe. It's an intimate and provocative 184-page celebration of art created solely by women. VICE'S photo editor Elizabeth Renstrom writes in the opening letter that… Read more
Fey's Time Tina Fey is a woman who needs no introduction, and in this interview with BUST’s editor-in-chief, the legendary comedy icon reveals why being a teen in the ’80s was so much better, what still makes her nervous, and how she knows her daughter is powerful Try to imagine a world without Tina Fey. It isn’t easy. We would never have heard the words “third-wave feminist” uttered on a network sitcom, like we did on the pilot episode of 30 Rock. We wouldn’t have seen a raft of exceptional female comedians quickly… Read more

Why BUST Supports Hillary Clinton

By BUST Magazine  In Feminism  On Sep 23, 2016

As feminists, representation really matters to us. That’s why we started BUST in the first place, to showcase real women—smart, funny, cool, complex women—at a time when the media completely ignored them. And though it’s been a very heated election cycle, even here at BUST HQ—our staff contained both passionate Bernie and Hillary supporters all the way up through the primaries—we are now united in our belief that in the current field, Hillary is the best man for the job. She has her critics, and it’s true, she’s not… Read more
Both an actress and director, one could say that Sarah Polley comes by her creative and artistic genes naturally, being born into a showbiz family. Her father, Michael and her mother, Diane are both actors and met when they were both cast in a play. Polley started going on auditions at age four and landed her first role at six in the Disney film, One Magic Christmas. She’s stated in the past that her interest in acting at that early age was entirely self-motivated, but now a mother herself, she doesn’t believe in… Read more
Comic book writers, artists and fans are coming together for one epic comic book, and for a good cause. DC Entertainment and IDW Publishing will co-publish a 144-page special issue, Love is Love this December. The comic will feature LGBT characters and stories, with all proceeds going to Equality Florida and its fund to support those affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting. Love is Love is the creation of writer Marc Andreyko, also known as the man behind Wonder Woman ‘77 as well as a former writer for Batwoman, the… Read more

11 Provocative Images By Women Artists Exploring Sexuality

By Eleonor Botoman  In Arts  On Sep 22, 2016

British artist Fionn Willson has curated a new exhibit on sexuality and sensuality in the female self-portraiture. “My Sex, My Self” is comprised of 14 women artists, all hailing from the UK. Wilson’s intention is to create “an exuberant and honest celebration and examination of ourselves as sexual beings, in a world where the expression of sexuality as a woman can still be seen as controversial, threatening or even subversive,” she explains. With this awesome collection of paintings, sculpture, and photography, Fionn,… Read more

Why I Won't Be Watching The 'Ghost In The Shell' Remake

By Eleonor Botoman  In Movies  On Sep 22, 2016

The Ghost In The Shell live-action remake recently released a series of teasers to start generating buzz for its 2017 release, but it’s left us with a lot more questions than answers. These ten-second clips don’t give us much to work with. As someone who is a big fan of the original animated film, I kept asking myself “what am I supposed to be looking at here?” and honestly, I still have no idea. These teasers are supposed to offer us a sneak peek inside the movie’s dark, sleek world but there’s no real plot reveals or… Read more
Earlier this week, I was scrolling through Twitter (like I do every day) when I saw this tweet: YIKES is right. As you can see from the screenshots, photographer Pax Jones noticed that the makeup brand ColourPop was giving its sculpting sticks for dark skin tones some pretty offensive names, like “Yikes” and “Typo.” While ColourPop’s sculpting sticks for light skin tones have some weird names as well — like “Gummy Bear” and “Illuminati” — the names for lighter sculpting sticks s don’t have the negative connotations… Read more
Alice Harvey (Emily VanCamp), the protagonist of The Girl in the Book, is a woman who is struggling to keep herself together and succeeding only by grasping at straws. At work, she edits novels with only the faintest hope of ever writing one of her own. When she is with her parents, her thoughts and words are ignored — her overbearing father decides what she will eat at the restaurant where they’re having dinner, along with how she will live her life. But when Alice is put in charge of the re-release of Waking Eyes,… Read more
Justin Trudeau continues to impress us with his commitment to challenging sexism. At a Global Fund conference organized by U2 singer Bono in Montreal on Tuesday, Trudeau, the 44-year-old Prime Minister of Canada/complete dreamboat delivered a stunningly woke speech about the link between sexism in poverty. “We know that poverty is sexist,” he says. “Women and girls living in poverty are less likely to get an education, more likely to suffer from diseases and almost always lack in basic social, political and economic… Read more

5 Reasons Why Feminists Should Watch Mary+Jane

By Devon Preston  In TV  On Sep 22, 2016

Looking to take a hit at a new show while Broad City is between seasons? MTV’s Mary+Jane may be exactly what you have been craving. Created by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont, who also worked together on 2001’s girl cult classic Josie and The Pussycats, and produced by the one and only Snoop Dogg, this show follows two women in their 20s working to make it big in Los Angeles' legal marijuana industry. The show stars Jessica Rothe as the hesitant and innocent Paige and Scout Durwood as the explicit and raunchy Jordan,… Read more

Penis Trees, Penis Pets, And Other Myths About Witches And Dicks

By Rosa Schwartzburg  In Sex  On Sep 21, 2016

So, you may or may not have read the fabulous article posted by Broadly about witches from the Middle Ages, who allegedly stole penises and kept them as pets. Linking penises, religion, and the supernatural was commonplace in the Medieval cultural imagination — in fact, it was believed that the very real phenomenon of penis captivus, in which the phallus becomes lodged in an orifice, was a punishment from God for the sin of adultery. It's no wonder that in the Middle Ages the character of the ‘Witch’, whose… Read more
Emma Watson joins the fight against campus sexual assault. This year's UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women delivered another powerful speech, advocating for change on sexual assault policies on campus. The speech followed Watson's famous and passionate address two years ago that called on men to help end gender inequality, as part of her HeForShe campaign. This year she turned her attention to a very pressing issue: lack of acknowledgment of sexual violence on college campuses. Watson directly calls on universities to… Read more

How Well Do You Know Shonda Rhimes? Take The Quiz And Find Out!

By BUST Magazine  In TV  On Sep 21, 2016

Shonda Rhimes is Sublime!As one of the most successful and influential TV creator/writer/producers ever, Shonda Rhimes kicked stereotypical, white-centric programming to the curb and ushered in a new era of inclusiveness to the boob tube. Think you know how Shonda delivers all that juicy drama? Then take the quiz! Shonda Lynn Rhimes was born on January 13, 1970, in _______.a. New York, NYb. Kingston, Jamaicac. Chicago, ILd. London, England Which of the following blockbuster series did Shonda create?a. Grey’s Anatomyb.… Read more

This Writer Reimagines The Joan Of Arc Story: BUST Interview

By Jessie Askinazi  In Arts  On Sep 21, 2016

In her forthcoming novel, writer Lidia Yuknavitch (The Small Backs of Children, The Chronology of Water) has re-imagined Joan of Arc’s frenetic narrative for our thrashing, contemporary times. The Book of Joan (HarperCollins, April 2017) allows Yuknavitch — a self-described Queen of Misfits — an opportunity to visualize the carnage of society’s warped ideologies. If anyone could tell this story — giving voice to the complexities and fury of the female heroine — this warrior-author housed in girl-body possesses the… Read more
I am one of the many individuals who used the site AfterEllen as an explorative sexual playground. AfterEllen was one of the only sites of its kind, a voice to a community that, during high school, I was just beginning to learn that I was a part of. When I first began to explore my sexuality, I gravitated towards television shows that featured queer women, because I related to the struggles and triumphs of LGBT women exploring their sexuality. I felt that I finally had an outlet for what I had been experiencing… Read more

Following Faye: A Poem

By Caits Meissner  In Books  On Sep 21, 2016

When Faye came back from summer campit took exactly seven days for her to forget about Jesus.Our middle school hands clung tight togetherwhile she wept news about the imminent apocalypse.When she cried out in fear I imagined trapped animals stuckbetween worlds, our lawn charred black.Out the window summer leaves rustled in their green skin.Dad told me they wouldn't feed you if you didn't prayat the camp, so even then I knew the kindness of a lie.We believe, I said and watched out the window.Accomplices under wind’s… Read more

This Modeling Agency Is Challenging The Stigma Against Muslim Women

By Emma Bredthauer  In Style  On Sep 21, 2016

Nailah Lymus is challenging the stigma against Muslim women who wear traditional garb — one photoshoot at a time. The 32-year-old Brooklyn-based designer has made it her mission to increase the visibility of Muslim women in the fashion industry, founding Underwraps in 2012, a modeling agency whose stated mission is to "represent the Muslim Female Fashion Model." Lymus was motivated to launch Underwraps as a way rectify the lack of diversity within the modesty fashion industry, as she explains in a 2013 piece by Madame… Read more
During the 19th century, there were many sources of information on motherhood and maternity. Some new mothers relied on the instructions of their nurse, midwife, or physician. While others used the example set by their own mother as a guide for their conduct. For all the questions remaining, there were motherhood and maternity manuals produced by hospitals, religious organizations, and advice experts. These guides advised on everything from conception and pregnancy to nursery decoration, childrearing, and teenage… Read more

12 Magical Drawings Of Curvy Mythical Creatures To Make Your Day

By Patricia Affriol  In Arts  On Sep 20, 2016

These paintings and drawings are everything you need for your Tuesday—they are curvy, fierce, and enchanting. Here at BUST we are committed to providing art that features all different sizes and shapes. In his "pinups" series, Blake Eason, a mixed-media artist, challenges our perceptions of beauty by creating glamorous and seductive mermaids and fairies. Eason discussed his artistic inspiration with BUST: “One of the main reason is that I get tired of seeing the same figures being used in various genres of art.… Read more

Five Fictional Redheads We Love, Illustrated

By Patricia Affriol  In Books  On Sep 20, 2016

"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead” — Lucille Ball I'm screaming inside with excitement for this one-of-kind book dedicated to loving all things about redheads. Elizabeth Graeber's A Field Guide to Redheads is an illustrated celebration of our planet's rarest creatures. In this quirky little hardcover, the book features a 100 famous real and fictional redheads. Each page is unique and surprising with celebrations for every type of red hair, from amber to strawberry,… Read more
Samantha Bee, our queen of biting political criticism, refused to let Donald Trump and NBC off the hook in her newest episode of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee last night. As Election Day draws closer, we keep asking ourselves "how the fuck did we end up with such a terrible presidential candidate like Donald Trump?" Samantha Bee had a great answer: blame the media’s excessive coverage of Trump’s campaign for normalizing racist rhetoric in a quest for ratings. The cable network put on blast this week was NBC for, as… Read more

Sasheer Zamata On Her Favorite Place In Brooklyn

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Sep 20, 2016

We're excited to share this interview with Sasheer Zamata from the new book Meet The Regulars: The People of Brooklyn and the Places They Love by Joshua D. Fisher. A few years back, when she lived in the neighborhood, Sasheer Zamata was at Enid’s weekly. During those four years, Sasheer would go to the hipster bar turned hipster-parent-with-hipster-babies bar/restaurant for everything from brunch to birthday drinks to meetings with prospective managers. She’s also had a lot of dates here, she tells me. (Don’t worry, we… Read more
Pop Quiz: What did each the following people promise to change, if elected: Barack Obama Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Hillary Clinton It’s easy to answer the first three: Obama promised to give us national health care; Sanders wanted to get big business out of government and repeal Citizens United; Donald Trump wants to build a wall and keep Muslims from entering the country. And Clinton wants to…well, she's going to…um…uh… I know that Clinton went to see Hamilton, but she seemed to have missed a crucial plot point. When… Read more
New York Fashion Week ended late last week (surprise — NYFW is actually longer than a week), and if you’re not in the fashion industry, you may have missed some very cool news in the midst of headlines about Taylor Swift sitting front row post-Hiddleswift breakup or models passing out at Yeezy Season 3. However, there were several things that happened at New York Fashion Week that got us pretty excited — about feminism. Whether taking strides towards body positivity or taking a stand against Trump, quite a few shows,… Read more
NYC-based art-rock band Rich Girls blurs the lines of music genre. Floating between the reverb of dark-garage and sugary doom-pop, their haunting new EP Love Is The Dealer is a beautiful intersection of sound that makes you want to dance around your bedroom one minute, cry the next. Singer and guitarist Luisa Black unravels the classic pop love song with haunting vulnerability. As she worked on the album, Black tells BUST: "I've never been comfortable writing love songs but Love Is The Dealer was a turning point. I… Read more

How To Have A More Honest Dating Life

By It's Not Personal  In Sex  On Sep 20, 2016

It was a painful break-up earlier this year that left me vowing to live a more honest dating life. The relationship had all the characteristics of a classic tale of miscommunication: Boy meets girl; boy and girl embark on whirlwind romance; girl assumes it’s leading to commitment; boy says, Pump the brakes, baby! At boy’s suggestion, we tried something of a no-strings-attached, “We’re just having fun!” arrangement, which lasted one week before I broke down in tears because I couldn’t fake having “We’re just having fun!”… Read more
On September 16th, Republican nominee Donald Trump released a letter in which he pledged to make Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser a prominent force in his proposed pro-life coalition if he is elected. In the letter, Trump slams Hillary Clinton and her support of abortion rights, calling Clinton an “extremist” who aims to strip “unborn persons” of their constitutional rights. Trump goes on to present an expected itinerary of the steps he'll take in order to win the pro-life vote, including promising… Read more

Why I Won't Be Watching 'Fifty Shades Darker'

By Pipher Scott  In Sex  On Sep 19, 2016

As a well-balanced kinky gal, I wanted to like Fifty Shades of Grey. I was blissfully unaware when I went to see the first installment, excited to find a new guilty pleasure and to watch a salacious portrayal of a BDSM relationship. Within 15 minutes of the movie, I realized I was getting neither. After Christian (the male "hero") stalked Anastasia (the protagonist) at her work, I was tempted to walk out. Fifty Shades of Grey doesn't resemble a communicative, healthy BDSM relationship. In fact, it comes closer to an… Read more
Something that not nearly enough people talk about is the fact that Plan B may very well not work for women with a BMI over 25. This is not exactly breaking news — in fact it was written about quite a lot in 2013, after a European drug company called HRA Pharma released their version of the emergency contraceptive, Norvelo, with a warning label stating that the drug is completely ineffective for those who weigh more than 176 pounds and begins to lose effectiveness for people over 165 pounds. A few great articles were… Read more

Trans YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Comes Out As A Lesbian

By Devon Preston  In Entertainment  On Sep 19, 2016

Over the past several years, audiences have watched YouTube celebrity Gigi Gorgeous transform from an unknown beauty guru into a household name in the Internet entertainment industry. Born Gregory Lazzarato, Gorgeous began her career online identifying as a cisgendered man, however, in December of 2013, Gigi announced that she was a trans woman. Since then, we have watched her physically transition on her YouTube channel and become an ambassador for trans individuals’ worldwide. By using the Internet as her platform,… Read more
In the second installment of Lady Shooters, our series focusing on women photographers, Tara Wray interviews Amy Touchette. “There was very little I needed to hear when I started out that I didn’t feel in my gut. Mortality is the ultimate teacher, and even though I was feeling my way in the dark, I somehow instinctively knew the real from the bullshit.” — Amy Touchette I really love your image "New York Young, No. 9" (top). Can you tell me everything there is to know about making that picture? Thank you! I made this… Read more

7 Moments We Actually Cared About From The Emmys

By Patricia Affriol  In Entertainment  On Sep 19, 2016

Last night's groundbreaking 2016 Primetime Emmys Awards was revolutionary, heartbreaking, and filled with so many amazing moments. A giant step ahead of the whitewashed Oscars, this year's Emmys was about so much more than celebrating the ridiculous amount of good television out there. The awards honored the creative achievements across genders, races, and sexualities. But the night wouldn't have been complete, if the host, Jimmy Kimmel, didn't comment on the Emmys diversity achievement with the punching statement,… Read more
I was shopping at a mall this weekend in New York and happened upon a clothing store that I hadn't seen before. They had cute clothes so I went in to look around. The salespeople were extremely friendly, asking if I needed help with genuine smiles and eager tones. I had several items in my arms and was looking at a pair of shorts when a retail associate approached. "Who are you shopping for?" she asked. "Myself," I answered. "In the men's section?" she asked, incredulously. Based on her earlier good-natured rapport, I… Read more
They're voting for Hillary Clinton — and telling us why in our October/November 2016 issue. And so are: Stephanie BeatrizDanielle BrooksSasha BruceLizzy CaplanChelsea ClintonSarah Sophie FlickerKathy GriffinPorochista KhakpourRose McGowanTracee Ellis RossGloria SteinemAmber TamblynJamia WilsonLizz Winstead On newsstands Tuesday, September 27th and on the way to subscribers now! More from BUST How Well Do You Know Hillary Clinton? BUST QuizEight Times Hillary Clinton Was A Badass Feminist An All-Caps Explosion Of… Read more

How To Turn Fruit, Veggies, And Spices Into Edible Makeup

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Sep 19, 2016

Eat Your Makeup HOW TO USE FRUIT, VEGGIES, AND SPICES AS COSMETICS Sure, wandering the aisles of endless beauty products at Sephora can be super fun. But also sometimes overwhelming (and expensive). Luckily, you can also wander the aisles at your local farmers’ market or health food store and get a similar result. Certain fruits, veggies, and spices can replace your standard mascara, blush, lip stain, and brow filler, which means you can ditch the chemicals and grab your beauty prods straight from the garden. Plus,… Read more
This past week, H&M unveiled the video campaign for their Autumn 2016 collection, and overall, we’re pretty impressed. The ad features a diverse cast of models including supermodel Lauren Hutton, GURLS TALK founder Adwoa Aboah, co-founder and chief creative officer of graphic design firm Design Army Pum Lefebure, and singer Jillian Hervey. Hervey is part of the duo Lion Babe, who created the music for the video, a modern version of Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady." The video features a slew of other models in the video. One… Read more
Ivanka Trump, business executive, mother of three and Trump’s main advisor on women’s issues, recently spoke to Cosmo writer Prachi Gupta. Their conversation got a little tense, to say the least. The day before the interview, Trump had announced a new maternity leave plan. Among other changes, the plan included six weeks of paid maternity leave for new mothers, dependent savings accounts for low-income families, and tax deductions for stay-at-home parents. America is the only industrialized country that doesn’t have… Read more

Here's What You Need To Know About Deep Throating And Gag Reflexes

By BUST Magazine  In Sex  On Sep 16, 2016

Questions for the Queen DR. CAROL QUEEN TAKES ON THE GAG REFLEX How do I get good at deep throating when I have a history of bulimia? It’s been years since I was active, but I trained my gag reflex really well. –Down to Deep ThroatDeep throating is one of many fellatio options, and generally not even the most pleasurable kind for the person with the penis. Many people find it uncomfortable to do. You can probably get better at it, but you also don’t have to do it. Plenty of people give blow jobs that don’t incorporate… Read more