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On Thursday, television personality and author Kelly Cutrone, best known for her roles on America’s Next Top Model and MTV’s The Hills, came forward to share her own account of attempted sexual assault at the hands of Def Jam Co-Founder Russell Simmons. Simmons has previously been accused of misconduct and assault with at least twelve other women. Following these allegations, he released a questionable statement on Instagram responding to the #MeToo movement with his own hashtag, #NotMe. “I will prove without any doubt… Read more

How To Choose A Lube For Shower Sex

By BUST Magazine  In Sex  On Dec 15, 2017

From BUST's print magazine's Deember/January issue, sexologist Carol Queen answers your sex questions. Q: What’s the best lube for shower sex? – Wet and Wild Ah, getting wet while getting wet! For some, this is the height of sexiness—at least until someone tries to put fingers or other nice appendages into you. Shower water, as well as that found in bathtubs, hot tubs, rivers, lakes, etc., pretty much washes off your own natural lubricant, even if you get quite wet on dry land. (Of course, not everyone does, especially… Read more
On Monday, December 11th, PEN America held its last event in 2017 for its PEN Out Loud series. The panel, titled "Reclaiming Our Time," consisted of four women of color writers, with Samhita Mukhopadhyay moderating the conversation between Morgan Jerkins, Min Jin Lee, and Carmen Maria Machado. The event focused on a broad discussion about how the 2016 election affected the writers personally and professionally, how it has impacted their feminism, the nuances of consent, what it means to be a woman of color in America,… Read more

My Period Envy

By Sheila Solomon Shotwell  In Living  On Dec 15, 2017

My period of Period Envy began when I was six years old. Bubbe wouldn’t let Mom or my sister, who was ten years older than me, water the plants at certain times of the month. They always blamed bitchiness on “periods,” and right in front of my watchful eyes, they casually rolled up their bloody Modess sanitary napkins into neat bundles swaddled in toilet paper. Then they’d pin a fresh one into the crotches of their waist high undies either because they didn’t know about elastic belts with metal clips, or they were just… Read more

The Ground Will Hold You

By Samantha Mann  In Feminism  On Dec 15, 2017

I lie on my back staring at the baskets of ferns hanging above me. This is typical of how I spend time before class starts. Vines connect the individual fern baskets, giving the appearance that the plants are holding hands. The connecting vines transform the singular plants into one sizable organism. Perhaps this is supposed to be symbolic of yoga: individuals coming together to form one cohesive entity. Staring up at the drooping ferns, I wonder who is responsible for watering and trimming them, and if they ever drip… Read more
Don’t just say thank you to black women; do better, be better, Alabama.The righteous have spoken in Alabama as the world watched in election speculation. Black Southern rural women in the poorest counties in the state voted in high ranks, as usual, for Doug Jones for the United States Senate. This was done not to save white America, but to generate political power and to give space to the voice of Southern women in the narrative of change. According to exit polls, approximately 97% of black women voted for Doug Jones.… Read more

BUST's "Poptarts" Podcast Gives "I, Tonya" a Spin!

By Emily Rems  In Movies  On Dec 15, 2017

Poptarts is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience. I,Tonya, the Tonya Harding figure skating biopic starring Margot Robbie, is the talk of… Read more
Have you ever wondered if a monster has a soul? Can a gorgeous woman be a monster? What entrepreneurial tips can women learn from a psychopath? These questions and more may arise in the bone-chilling second volume of Joëlle Jones' murderous comic, Lady Killer. Set in 1950s Florida, Lady Killer follows Josie Schuller, a successful entrepreneur ahead of her time. She manages her own business while raising two daughters with her equally successful husband, all while looking fabulous. Did I mention Josie’s business is… Read more

Week Of Women: December 15-21, 2017

By Erika W. Smith  In Entertainment  On Dec 14, 2017

It’s our second-to-last Week of Women of 2017! This year’s week in women-centered pop culture brings a new Star Wars movie, a documentary about quinceañeras, and a new song from Cardi B. As a reminder, we haven’t seen, watched, or listened to all of these ourselves (in fact, this week we haven’t reviewed any), so don’t blame us if you hate them. MOVIES Star Wars: The Last Jedi Along with the return of Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega) and Poe (Oscar Isaac) — plus the last performance from Carrie Fisher as Princess… Read more
Honeypot, written and directed by Jill Greenberg, shows just how awful Harvey Weinstein truly is. Only 7 minutes long, the short film provides a reenactment of what it may have felt like to be a young woman auditioning for a Weinstein film. It stars only three characters, “Harvey,” his female assistant, and an unnamed, unknown actress auditioning for a role. Through the majority of the film, the audience watches in horror as a back and forth takes place between Harvey and the young actress, who pleads with him, asking… Read more
Call Me By Your Name, director Luca Guadagnino’s adaptation of the novel by André Aciman, has drawn quite a bit of controversy: there’s the age difference between the two main characters (one 17, one 24); the fact that the two main actors are straight, yet telling a gay coming-of-age story (though the director is gay); and, of course, that peach fucking scene. These are all important conversations to have (well, minus the one about the peach scene), and I went into the film with a few trepidations, but after I saw it,… Read more
I’m in an open relationship, which means my partner and I have used the age-old form of verbal communication to come to an arrangement where we’re allowed to date other people. Non-monogamy isn’t for everyone, but it seems to work for us. I’m in my thirties and have enjoyed having another go at dating now I’m (supposedly) older and wiser. Back when I was dating ten years ago, Tinder didn’t exist. I somehow met people in pubs — I shudder at the thought now! As with anything on the internet, dating apps can be wonderful,… Read more
On Tuesday, The New York Times published an emotional op-ed written by actress Salma Hayek detailing the ways in which Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed, bullied, and threatened her while the two worked on 2002 biopic Frida. “I don’t think he hated anything more than the word ‘no,’” Hayek wrote. She writes that during the making of Frida, Weinstein constantly undermined her talent, made crude comments, propositioned her, and pushed to add sex scenes that were not originally in the script. She writes, “The range of his… Read more
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its 2018 inductees, and the one we are most excited about is, hands down, Nina Simone. An accomplished singer, songwriter, and pianist known as "the High Priestess of Soul,” Simone was also an important activist in the Civil Rights Movement and beyond, calling out injustice through her songs like “Mississippi Goddam,” “To Be Young, Gifted, And Black,” “Four Women,” and her version of “Strange Fruit” (originally written by Billie Holiday). Simone has been eligible since 1986,… Read more

Heather Benjamin's Humanoid Art Has Us Swooning

By Cricket Epstein  In Arts  On Dec 13, 2017

Whatever you are doing this Friday, cancel it. Heather Benjamin, the author and illustrator of the comic Sad People Sex, is having her first solo exhibition, “Death of a Tail,” at the Dress Shop Gallery, located at 322 Troutman Street in Brooklyn, New York. The Friday opening will boast a reception from 6-10pm. Aligning with BUST’s feminist vibes and values, and particularly important in our current political climate, Benjamin’s work features avatars — part women, part animal — that, in her own words, she uses to “sort… Read more
Last night, Americans everywhere watched as Democrat Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore in Alabama’s Senate race. Along with allegations of child molestation and sexual assault, Moore boasts beliefs that homosexuality should be criminalized, Muslims should not be allowed in Congress, and that America was at its best during the era of slavery. Jones, a former federal prosecutor, is the first Democrat to win an Alabama Senate seat in 25 years. Prior to his campaign, Jones was well-known for prosecuting two KKK members who… Read more
Being believed — the new normal. A massive scandal involving celebrities, newsmen, artists and politicians and has shoved rape, domestic violence, molestation and sexual harassment into the spotlight. Women accusers, whose stories had been met with everything from hushed skepticism to bald-faced doubt just a short time ago, are now being listened to and believed. Speech will be the business of men, wrote Homer in the Odyssey in the 8th century. Indeed, the lack of female narratives in the media, in the arts, in… Read more
One night in 1894, while on the mail route from Ramsgate to Dover, the driver of a mail cart was attacked by two armed men. According to the Leeds Times, he was “cut about the head and face” and then struck in the back of the head with a “heavy implement.” He was later found unconscious on a roadway near Sandwich. What the thieves intended to steal from the mail cart is unclear, for they were ultimately thwarted in their goal. Having seen them attack his master, the mail horse bolted away with the mail before the two… Read more

On Relating To The Girl In "Cat Person"

By Eleanor Blaser  In Books  On Dec 12, 2017

When I first sat down to read “Cat Person,” the Twitter-trending New Yorker short story written by Kristen Roupenian, I spent the thirty minutes it took to finish it in a constant state of fear, revulsion, and anticipation. I had been prepped by the internet to expect a highly relatable and chilling tale about the woes of texting relationships and, on a bigger scale, generally dating in your 20s. As expected, I finished the story feeling a strange mixture of validation and self-hatred, which is to say, the internet was… Read more

Merriam-Webster Picks "Feminism" As Their Word Of The Year

By Amanda Brohman  In Feminism  On Dec 12, 2017

A week ago, TIME Magazine announced that their 2017 "Person of the Year" would be the "Me Too" movement and all the "silence breakers" coming forward to speak out about sexual harassment and assault. And this week, dictionary Merriam-Webster has followed this lead with another victory by announcing that their word of the year is: feminism. *brief pause for cheers and applause* "In 2017, lookups for feminism increased 70 percent over 2016 on Merriam-Webster.com and spiked several times after key events, " the… Read more

Dan Clay, AKA "Carrie Dragshaw," Is All About Positivity

By Miranda Levy  In Living  On Dec 12, 2017

Dan Clay, also known as “Carrie Dragshaw”, never expected to become a queer Instagram icon when he moved to New York City about 9 years ago. Clay began watching Sex in the City right around the time he moved to the Big Apple, which happened to also be at a formative time in his life. “Even though I had been out before moving to NYC, coming out is a process, so moving here did kind of coincide with my coming out and coming into my own,” said Clay. Carrie Dragshaw was officially “born” on October 29th, 2016, when Clay… Read more
In an interview with CNN on Monday morning, Senator Kristen Gillibrand called for Trump's resignation because of the accusations of sexual harassment and assault against him. She said, “President Trump has committed assault, according to these women, and those are very credible allegations of misconduct and criminal activity, and he should be fully investigated and he should resign.” She is the only female senator amidst a small, but growing, number of state officials who have been calling for Trump to step down. Yet,… Read more

The Girls' Guide To Berlin, Germany

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Dec 12, 2017

The German capital of Berlin, once infamously described by former mayor Klaus Wowereit as “poor, but sexy,” can feel as if it’s straining at the seams with people pouring in to start art galleries, organize festivals, or open up cocktail bars. Roll up with any esoteric interest or wacky dream and you’ll find a crowd that gets you. Traces of history and the city’s divided past permeate most everything, but the Berlin of 2017 is fun, hyper-tolerant, and welcoming to all. Companion Coffee DRINKCoffee culture has hit… Read more
I was in my early twenties when I was hired to be an assistant for a contracting company. As the assistant, it was normal for me to interact with several employees throughout the day, considering I was responsible for delivering packages, mail, and replenishing office and copier supplies, among other things. Mainly, I had the most engagement with the accounting assistant, a male coworker. Let’s call him Mr. Finance. It was my responsibility to deliver invoices (and other documents) for him to process. I tended to the… Read more
In the midst of sexual harassment allegations, The Paris Review editor Lorin Stein resigned on Wednesday. The next day, writer A. N. Devers noticed something disturbing about the coverage of Stein’s resignation: the complete erasure of Brigid Hughes, who held Stein’s title for over a year starting in 2004. “I’m going to show you how a woman is erased from her job,” A. N. Devers began in a Twitter thread that gained traction in journalism and media circles. Devers went on to point out the timeline of the Review’s editor… Read more

When Will Hollywood Listen To Dylan Farrow?

By Amanda Brohman  In Feminism  On Dec 11, 2017

Dylan Farrow, daughter of Woody Allen, has told (and re-told and re-told) the story of how her father sexually abused her as a child. In an open letter to Woody Allen published in the New York Times in 2014, Farrow described in detail how, when she was seven years old, her father led her up to an attic in the house they lived in and proceeded to sexually assault her. On December 7, Farrow published an op-ed in in the Los Angeles Times, powerfully titled "Why has the #MeToo revolution spared Woody Allen?" In it, she… Read more

Jay Pharaoh On How Comedy Helped Him Survive Depression

By BUST Magazine  In TV  On Dec 11, 2017

Comedian Jay Pharoah moves on from SNL with his own show, White Famous Despite having achieved things by the age of 30 that most comics will only ever dream about—a six-season stint on Saturday Night Live and his own Showtime series, White Famous—Jay Pharoah is one humble dude. That is, until he talks about his famous impressions. “There’s not one I haven’t perfected,” he says proudly of his status as the reigning king of imitation. In fact, long before the Virginia native made a name for himself online by… Read more

Making Your Own Resin Jewelry Is Easier Than You Think

By BUST Magazine  In DIY  On Dec 11, 2017

Working with resin seems intimidating at first, but once you try it, you’ll want to dry every flower you see and turn it into jewelry. If you aren’t up for the challenge and still want the look, there are tons of gorgeous pre-made pieces straight out of someone else’s garden that are ready to rock. Materials: Silicone mold (look for candy molds in the baking section of a housewares store or at Michael’s)Resin mold release sprayClear resin kit (this will come with 2 bottles of solution)Clear coat spray paint1 or 2… Read more

When Will #MeToo Affect Trump's Presidency?

By Cricket Epstein  In Feminism  On Dec 11, 2017

This morning, America’s most problematic sweetheart, Megyn Kelly, tweeted the question that we have all been thinking: “America is having a ‘Me Too’ moment, as men are being outed and punished for sometimes decades of sexual misconduct. But does that accountability extend to the Oval Office?” It’s a good question, and one that deserves a better answer than the “turn-the-other-cheek” attitude that accompanied Trump’s long history of sexual misconduct. Breaking the political silence last week, three Senators, Sen. Jeff… Read more
The Golden Globes released their nominations this morning, and surprise surprise, not a single woman director was nominated for the second year in a row (the last woman director to be nominated was Ava DuVernay for Selma in 2015). This is especially galling because several women-directed films are up for other awards — Lady Bird, directed by Greta Gerwig, got four nominations in other categories, and Mudbound, directed by Dee Rees, and Battle of the Sexes, directed by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton, got two… Read more

4 Old Hollywood Holiday Movies That You Need To Watch

By F Yeah History  In Movies  On Dec 11, 2017

It’s officially the run-up to Christmas, and you know what that means: TIME TO BUST OUT ALL OF THE OLD SCHOOL CHRISTMAS FILMS!!! One problem though… you kind of have to save the It’s A Wonderful Life-style old movies until minimum Christmas Eve Eve. So that means you’re stuck watching whatever new film Hallmark has crapped out this year, because the only old films available are the 1938 version of Christmas Carol, which is a total classic and all…but it’s also slow as f and it’s not this? Truly the only adaptation of… Read more

7 Reasons To Head To BUST's Craftacular This Weekend

By Lydia Wang  In General  On Dec 08, 2017

This weekend at the Brooklyn Expo Center, the BUST Holiday Craftacular—along with the brand-new BUST School for Creative Living—will make all of your crafty feminist dreams come true with a plethora of speakers, musicians, teachers, vendors, and everyone in between. Tickets are still on sale for individual workshops and performances, but we’ve also got day passes and several awesome events for no cost at all. Here are just seven of BUST’s top picks you won’t want to miss this weekend. Check ’em out: 1. Amber Tamblyn’s… Read more
With the outpouring of sexual assault allegations against powerful men and Time’s Person of the Year dedication to “the Silence Breakers,” it feels like the world is finally listening to survivors — and it's incredible.. But in a recent interview with The New York Times, Gabrielle Union pointed out something really important about #MeToo and whose stories being heard. “I think the floodgates have opened for white women,” she said. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence whose pain has been taken seriously. Whose pain we have… Read more

Stunning Photos Of A Badass Brooklyn Skateboarder

By Lanna Apisukh  In Living  On Dec 08, 2017

This portrait series captures the vibrant and unflappable style of female skateboarder, Kabrina Adams (also known as "Moonbear" among her peers — follow her on Instagram here). She’s a founding member of the all-female NYC skateboarder crew, Skate Kitchen, and an active videographer and DJ. We shot the series back in late October while the weather temperature was still fairly moderate. For location, I chose to pluck her out of a skatepark environment and shoot her on the streets of Manhattan’s Chinatown, a colorful and… Read more
Holiday season is the time to shine! Find these vendors and more at the BUST Craftacular at Brooklyn Expo Center on December 9 and 10. This adorable bear necklace is just one of many: Eunyoung of Baubou designs all different pieces of jewelry, such as eye necklaces, wink brooches, and gemstone rings. No matter which one you choose, these simple and elegant pieces are all made in Eunyoung's studio here in New York. Hey there, showstopper! These rainbow swoop earrings are as colorful and bold as your attitude, and Zoa… Read more

4 Products That Make Relaxing Easy

By Yasmine Montes De Oca  In Living  On Dec 08, 2017

There's nothing better than cozying up with a warm blanket and a good book, and these products will make the experience even better. Find these vendors and more at the BUST Craftacular on December 9 and 10 at the Brooklyn Expo Center. 1. Hearts Insurgent Soap by Latherati Soap, $6.00 Each product has been tastefully inspired by classic literature and handmade by Julie Grogan. WIth organic and enriching ingredients, such as vanilla, rosewood, jasmine and so much more, these aromatic fragrances will evelope you and leave… Read more

11 Hibernation Essentials For When It's Cold As F*ck Outside

By Shannon Smith  In Style  On Dec 08, 2017

It's officially cold as fuck outside, so it's time to stock up on hibernation essentials so you never have to leave your apartment or even your bed. Shop these vendors and more at the BUST Craftacular in Brooklyn on December 9 and 10 — get more info here. Holiday Spirit Essential Oil Duo by Body & Soul Naturals, $22.00 Deck the halls and cozy up your wintery haven with essential oils crafted for the holidays. Body & Soul believes in the “power and colors of Mother Nature” and uses all chemical-free, natural products to… Read more

17 New Albums To Get Obsessed With Before 2017 Ends: Playlist

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Dec 08, 2017

From our December/January print issue, take a look at our reviews of 17 albums from late 2017 that you don't want to miss, featuring artists like St. Vincent, Princess Nokia, Mavis Staples, and Tegan And Sara. Scroll down to listen to a playlist below. Subscribe to BUST to see all our music reviews in print, or buy BUST on newsstands. ST. VINCENT Masseduction (Loma Vista Recordings) Following her eponymous 2014 breakout album, St. Vincent—aka Annie Clark—is back with Masseducation, a rumination on fame, lost love, and… Read more

4 Gifts To Buy For Yourself This Holiday Season

By Savannah Stevenoski  In Living  On Dec 08, 2017

When you're holiday shopping, don't forget to buy a gift for yourself! Find these vendors and more at the BUST Craftacular in Brooklyn on December 9 and 10. 1. Grow a Pair pin by Jazzelli Designs, $9.99 After a bad day, every girl deserves a good online shop to purchase something to empower her so the next day is a little bit better. Jazzelli does just that. This fun accessory shop was created by the couple Sarah Buzzelli and Jasmine Jackson to empower their customers to expresses themselves feminitly, masculinly or… Read more

Maxine Waters Is Reclaiming Her Time: BUST Interview

By BUST Magazine  In Feminism  On Dec 08, 2017

Congresswoman Maxine Waters currently serves as the U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd district. But in these troubled political times, she also serves as a beacon of hope, a force for change, and a powerful voice for the #resistance. Representative Maxine Waters, the former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and the senior-most black congresswoman in the House, has been speaking truth to power for over 25 years. When the intrepid lawmaker is not making headlines for being one of the lone righteous voices… Read more
Kristen Sollee is an educator, curator, and founder of the sex positive website, Slutlist. She teaches undergraduate gender studies at The New School and is the curator of the annual Legacy of the Witch music and burlesque festival in Brooklyn. Sollee is an outspoken advocate of sex positive feminism, particularly through the lense of the occult, where she draws on the historical context of the “witch” to depict a long line of brutality against women. Sollee is also a self-identified “witch” and author of bestselling… Read more

"I, Tonya" Tells Tonya Harding's Side Of The Story: BUST Review

By BUST Magazine  In Movies  On Dec 08, 2017

I, Tonya
Directed by Craig Gillespie
Out December 8 Director Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) takes us back to the infamous ’90s rivalry between figure skaters Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding in I, Tonya. In case you’ve never been exposed to pop culture, in the weeks before the 1994 Olympics, an attacker hit Kerrigan in the leg with a baton at practice—an attack that was then blamed (rightly or wrongly) on Kerrigan’s competitor, Harding. Now, in this dark but ultimately sympathetic dramedy, Gillespie takes us… Read more
In today's political climate, it is an absolute necessity for each and every American to rise up, #resist, and vote. That's why we're stoked to be teaming up with HeadCount at the BUST Holiday Craftacular. Spearheaded by the talented Morgan Howard, HeadCount will be registering voters at our event all weekend long! Here, BUST Craftacular co-ordinator Janeth Gonda chats up Ms. Howard about using the power of music to get out the vote. Tell me a bit about HeadCount and the work you do, specifically with musicians.… Read more

Nick Cannon's "Consent App" Gets Consent Completely Wrong

By Cricket Epstein  In Feminism  On Dec 07, 2017

"VladTV," an online news site, released a YouTube video on Tuesday of Nick Cannon discussing his new app. The app, pronounced "consent" but spelled “CNCNT," an acronym for “consensual, and contractual, and tested” is meant, and Cannon explains, to aid in garnering consent from both parties before sex. Cannon initially states that the app is to protect women, but, as the video continues, it becomes clear that the app will effectively protect sexual assaulters. Although the app is still in production, Cannon gave a… Read more

9 Pieces of Decor To Make Your Home Feel Like Heaven

By Zeynep Kilik  In Living  On Dec 07, 2017

We love home decor here at BUST HQ. From pillows to prints, these makers have got you covered. Check out a few of our favorite products down below. And guess what? All of these make amazing holiday gifts for your friends and family! Mark your calendars and get your gift wrap ready — all these tiny treasures and more are going to be at our upcoming BUST Craftacular Holiday at the Brooklyn EXPO Center from December 9 + 10. Get more info and tickets here. Bold Bear Studios Starting our list off strong with an abstract… Read more
These may be days of rage for women’s rights activists burning it all down in the age of Trump, Weinstein, and #MeToo. But here at BUST, we also know that feminism can be super fun, and we’ve got a bunch of great activist-inspired workshops at this year’s BUST Holiday Craftacular—Dec. 9 & 10, Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Noble St.—that prove exactly that. First up, we have amazing talks featuring Lindy West, Amber Tamblyn, and Kristen Sollee. Then, we've got amazing classes going on all day. Gather your girl gang together… Read more

11 Products To Treat Yo' Self With For A Pampering Night In

By Savannah Stevenoski  In Living  On Dec 07, 2017

Setting aside time to look after ourselves is hugely important. We all have our own methods of self-care, from mindfulness and exercise to cooking and trashy TV, and pampering your body and hair can also be a great way to relax and reflect. This list includes organic, local and handmade products to help you have a chilled-out night at home. Find all these and more at the BUST Holiday Craftacular in Brooklyn on December 9-10. 1. Veil of Love Face Serum by HeartGrownWild, $22.00 Wash off your makeup with the mindfully… Read more

Week Of Women: December 8-14, 2017

By Erika W. Smith  In Entertainment  On Dec 07, 2017

Welcome back to our weekly roundup of women-centered pop culture picks! This week brings us the long-awaited release of the Tonya Harding biopic I, Tonya (which I loooved), the return of The Crown, and Tiffany Haddish's first book. Again, we haven’t watched/listened to/read these ourselves, but when we have, we’ll link to a review or refer to it if it’s in print. Before we go on, I want to remind you about the BUST Craftacular in Brooklyn this weekend, where along with over 150 vendors we’ll be featuring, for the first… Read more
Early Wednesday morning, TIME’s Person of the Year was announced as the “Silence Breakers” — those who spoke about their own experiences with sexual assault and harassment at the hands of powerful men, and used their platforms to invite others to unlearn their own silence as well. Many felt relieved that the title hadn’t gone to Donald Trump, a known abuser and predator himself, and that Tarana Burke, who founded the movement in 2006, was given credit in the #MeToo narrative (though many said that Burke should have… Read more

10 DIY Kits That Make The Perfect Holiday Gift

By BUST Magazine  In DIY  On Dec 07, 2017

Whether you’re looking to whip up some handmade gifts, or to teach yourself a new skill, these all-in-one sets will help you get your craft on. We’ve tried all the kits here, and provide estimates of how long they’ll take, so you won’t end up giving Aunt Erma a half-finished wall hanging. I LOVE PARIS PRINTED FABRIC DOLL KIT, $21.90, ETSY.COM/SHOP/MIKODESIGN — 3-5 hours HANDMADE OATMEAL CINNAMON SOAP KIT, MAKES 8 BARS, $29.99, CULTURESFORHEALTH.COM — 1-2 hours EVERYTHING BAGEL & CREAM CHEESE MAKING KIT, $25,… Read more