American Girl dolls have been popular amongst little girls in the U.S for a while now. I fondly remember visits to the American Girl Place in New York City when I was a kid. The company has a line of diverse historical dolls from different eras of American history, including Native American Kaya, Civil War-era Addy and Mexican-American Josefina. Now, the company has just introduced their first American Boy doll - a white boy named Logan Everett. "We do an enormous amount of research with girls and their parents, and… Read more
During a Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing, a state Senator broke the glass of a table while banging his gavel in order to stop a NARAL intern from giving her testimony against one of the state's many controversial abortion bills. NARAL’s legislative intern, Maggie Hennessy, spoke about the dangers a bill like Senate Bill 415 could have on women’s health. The bill targets dilation and evacuation or D&E abortions, which are the safest and most common form of second-trimester abortions. The… Read more
It's been in the works for quite a while, and it's finally here! "Poptarts" is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience. In the first… Read more
For those of you who have frequently thought that Trump’s America is comparable to the Upside Down — prepare to feel validated by the United States government. Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island took the House floor on Thursday to compare the current climate of America to that of the fictional Upside Down, the creepy and demon-infested parallel universe of Netflix’s Stranger Things. “Mr. Speaker, like the main characters in Stranger Things, we are now stuck in the Upside Down,” Cicilline began as he stood beside a… Read more
Kelly Reichardt is a good example of an indie filmmaker who seems to be edging towards wider recognition (at least where film critics are concerned.) Her films such as Wendy & Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff, and Old Joy often receive critical acclaim and are frequently part of the film festival circuit. Reichardt grew up in Miami, Florida, about as different a landscape as you can get from the lush flora and fauna of Oregon, where many of her films are set. She developed an interest in photography from an early age. After… Read more

To The Men That Tell Women To Smile

By Danielle Keating  In Feminism  On Feb 17, 2017

To The Men That Tell Women to Smile, Nobody. Fucking. Likes. You. You telling me to smile is basically saying, “Excuse me ma’am, but you have some SERIOUS resting bitch face going on.” Do you think that makes us happy? Cause if you do, please tell me your stretching routine. You must be pretty flexible to have your head so far up your ass. Saying “smile” only makes us ladies want to frown more. We might be having a bad day, and now we know that it shows. Receiving this command pisses us off even further and makes our… Read more

Why I'm Staying Sober Through The Trump Regime

By Annakeara Stinson  In Living  On Feb 17, 2017

We’re living in a nation where powerful women are told to sit down when they persist in quoting Coretta Scott King, and bigotry of every flavor is being loudly and systematically reinforced. There is a constant stream of alarming news and calls to action, and in case you need your hourly reminder, our president is a reality television star with the linguistic capability of a 10-year-old who hates to read. It’s a lot worse for some than for others, but it’s a chaotic time in general. A desire to “check out” is… Read more

Why I Said No To Being On MTV

By Rafaella Gunz  In TV  On Feb 17, 2017

Last year, I was harassed by a group of “Anti-Social Justice Warrior” trolls for my feminist beliefs. The trolls infiltrated the feminism Facebook group I admin and when I caught on and started to ban them, the harassment began. Messages soon flooded my Facebook inbox, and the trolls even began to migrate to other platforms including Twitter and email. I wrote about some of my experience for Ravishly, but after that article was published, the harassment got even worse — the trolls contacted my mom and my school… Read more
Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch is back on the silver screen, in a new movie released in the US this Friday, February 17th. Best known for her role as Luna Lovegood, Evanna plays the title role in My Name Is Emily, a beautiful story of love, loss, and redemption, directed by Simon Fitzmaurice. In an interview with BUST, the Irish actress talks about drawing confidence from the role of Emily, moving away from Luna, and the ‘bad bitches’ she hopes to play in 2017. My Name Is Emily follows a young woman, Emily (Evanna… Read more
In a rambling and downright bizarre press conference yesterday, Trump asked an African-American reporter if the Congressional Black Caucus were friends of hers. Having assured the public that he is “the least racist person,” Trump then responded to a question by April Ryan, a journalist for American Urban Radio Networks. She enquired about his campaign promise to revitalize the American inner cities and asked if he would be arranging a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss this. He responded: "Well I… Read more
Whore-o-Scopes Astrological Advice For Ladies Looking To Get Laid by Jonna Bond Aquarius: Jan. 20 to Feb. 18The new moon on February 2 will help you manifest the perfect sexual partner, so get your wish list ready. (This goes for coupled-up folks too!) Gird your loins for mind-blowing sex when Mars enters your sign on February 25. Beware: Venus will enter Taurus on March 16, so things may get serious with your lover; set the rules beforehand if getting mushy isn’t your thing. Pisces: Feb. 19 to Mar. 20Venus and Mercury… Read more
A United Kingdom
Directed by Amma Asante
Out February 174 out of 5 boobs A United Kingdom is, at its heart, a gorgeous love story about a two people from radically different worlds. But like director Amma Asante’s previous film, Belle, it’s packed with political subtext that’s all too relevant to today’s world. Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) is a law student in London when he meets Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike) at a dance; they’re instantly smitten, but there’s much more working against them than just the everyday racism… Read more

This Week's Edition Of: WTF Is Going On

By Leah Thomas  In Living  On Feb 17, 2017

Welcome to "What The Fuck Is Going On." Haven’t a clue? Don’t fret; neither has anyone else. It's been a week of colossal confusion and disorder that can only be accurately described by the above Mr. Krabs meme. Here, we have compiled a list of newsworthy happenings from Trump’s fourth week in office (yes, it has only been four weeks). The Michael Flynn Fiasco On Feb. 13, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was asked to resign (AKA politely fired) after reports claimed he lied about the nature of phone… Read more
Anti-semitic hate crimes have spiked since Donald Trump’s win in November, and it’s only been getting worse. CNN reported that in January alone, 48 Jewish Community Centers spanning across 27 states and one Canadian province received nearly 60 bomb threats. The threats were grouped together, coming in the form of phone calls, in waves on three days: January 9, 18 and 31. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency released a recording of one of the bomb threats made; the caller told the JCC that a C-4 bomb was placed in the building… Read more
Since Election Day last November, Democrats have been lobbying for Trump’s impeachment with a list of grounds deeming him unequipped for office. Despite increasing numbers of people getting on board with them against this farce of an administration, the situation seems improbable. In usual fashion, the Full Frontal queen Samantha Bee stepped in to demonstrate this improbability in the most lucid of ways. Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, previously condemned any notions of extreme vetting or an executive order. At the end… Read more

Love Actually Will Be Coming Back, Turtlenecks And All

By Olivia Loperfido  In Movies  On Feb 16, 2017

On Wednesday morning, writer and director Richard Curtis cast a bizarre, Christmas-tree shaped beacon of light into our dark, crumbling world: Love Actually is coming back for a sequel. According to Curtis, the film's follow-up comes not as a feature-length movie, but as a short film for this year's Red Nose Day telethon, which raises money for the charity Comic Relief. Beginning in 1988, Red Nose Day achieves mainstream success annually in the U.K.; more recently, NBC has broadcast the telethon to U.S. viewers. The… Read more

Kesha Releases Body-Shaming Emails From Dr. Luke

By Elissa Sanci  In Feminism  On Feb 16, 2017

Kesha’s battle with her alleged abuser rages on as her legal team releases emails from Dr. Luke in which he allegedly body shames the pop star. Kesha has struggled for more than a year in court to break ties with the man who she says sexually assaulted and drugged her, yet her petitions have been continuously denied in court. Kesha has been open about her struggle with eating disorders in the past and has said that Dr. Luke has enabled them. The body shaming comments uncovered in these emails are just another look into… Read more
If, this past year, you've found yourself questioning whether America was the subject of a cruel and unusual Ashton Kutcher prank, you are not alone. FX's hit thriller series American Horror Story is planning to capitalize on this phenomenon with its upcoming seventh season. On Wednesday, AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy made a surprise announcement on Andy Cohen’s show, Watch What Happens Live, stating, “Well, I don’t have a title, but the season that we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election that we just… Read more
During appearances on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and CBS This Morning this week, Emmy-nominated actress and transgender activist Laverne Cox drew a striking parallel between a plot line in Theodore Melfi’s Hidden Figures and recent anti-trans bathroom bills. Cox stated on CBS This Morning: “What people should know about these bathroom bills that criminalize trans people... is that these bills are not about bathrooms. They’re about whether trans people have the right to exist in public space. If we can’t access… Read more
This sends a horrifying message: a woman seeking help escaping an abusive relationship was instead arrested by the ICE. According to the Washington Post, the woman had been driven to the El Paso courthouse by a victim’s advocate from a local shelter for a hearing to obtain a protective order against her abusive boyfriend. Instead, she was arrested by six Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) officials. The El Paso Times writes that the woman is trans and an undocumented immigrant. El Paso County Attorney Jo Anne… Read more

Why These "Rape Prevention" Products Won't Stop Rape

By Rafaella Gunz  In Feminism  On Feb 16, 2017

Guess what? You now will never be raped or sexually assaulted... but only if you wear this rape prevention underwear! AR (Anti-Rape) Wear, described as “a clothing line offering wearable protection for when things go wrong,” had an Indiegogo campaign back in 2014. Though they exceeded their funding goal, it doesn’t seem as if the product has ever manifested past prototypes. And still, a video of the prototype demonstrations is being shared on Facebook to this day, despite the product being introduced 3 years ago. “The… Read more
From the final season of HBO's Girls, to the podcast Still Processing, to Lauryn Hill's latest tour, we're bringing you BUST's 10 best bets for entertainment in February/March 2017. Love them or hate them (we know you're divided on Fifty Shades Darker and Girls), it's what everyone will be talking about. Girls on HBO It will be hard for many of us to say goodbye to Hannah Horvath, the indelible main character Lena Dunham created for her groundbreaking HBO comedy Girls—returning for its sixth and final season February… Read more
2017! What a year, huh? If this year tried to be a beverage, it would be spoiled milk mixed with cherry cough syrup. If this year tried to be a person, it would actually just be a cartoon drawing of the devil. With cartoon flames. And here’s some really good news: It’s only February! If this year was a week, it would still be Monday! Want even more good news? Yes, I thought so, so I put together this little list just for you.1. When you finally die of a rage-and-panic-induced stroke at the sight of a headline, you can… Read more
A Politico/ Morning Consult poll confirms what we were all assuming: America is already ready to turf out Donald Trump in the next election. The good news? “Generic Unnamed Democrat Candidate” is likely to beat Trump in 2020, if things continue down their current trajectory. The bad news? Elizabeth Warren is not. 43 percent of those polled said they would vote for the as-of-yet undetermined Democrat at the next election, while only 35 percent say they would vote to reelect Donald Trump. But when the question was… Read more
In Orange is The New Black, Season 3, Laverne Cox's character Sophia is placed in solitary confinement. Photo via Netflix The Chelsea Manning case brought an incredibly important issue to light that is all too often overlooked — transgender prisoners and their safety. Prison is a risky and scary place on its own, but entering prison as a transgender or gender nonconforming person can make that experience even scarier. Trans prisoners are often immediately seen as targets by both inmates and officers. Chelsea Manning,… Read more
After bragging and talking up their latest diversity issue, Vogue has once again proved they have no idea what diversity really is. In a spread titled “Spirited Away” (RED FLAG) supermodel Karlie Kloss was made up in yellowface, draped in stereotypical geisha garb, and photographed prancing alongside a sumo wrestler amidst scenery that is so stereotypically Japanese it hurts. The piece, shot by Mikael Jansson, was reportedly supposed to be “an homage to a 1966 Vogue shoot by Richard Avedon of German model Veruschka,”… Read more
As we enter this new era of stranger than fiction reality, a new piece of news — more akin to a plot of Game of Thrones, more fit for a new Kill Bill sequel — occurred. Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, died at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport early on February 14th. Many reports are going around that he was poisoned, but perhaps the most sensational line comes from The New York Post, which states, “two female assassins brandishing poison needles killed the casino-loving half-brother of North… Read more
BUST’s February/March 2017 issue — aka The Revolution Issue — is on newsstands RIGHT NOW. We’re excited to share a sneak peek into our cover story, featuring Nadya from Pussy Riot. To see the full story, pick up BUST on newsstands near you (or subscribe!). On how she felt on November 8th, 2016: “The day after my birthday this year, I was waiting for my gift, which would be the first female president. I went to the gym and my trainer made my butt hurt so much that I was suffering the whole day. You know how some people… Read more
It's February, which means — at least for BUST HQ in Brooklyn — that both the weather and the world can seem dreary and grey. And having some brightness and fun around you can help you feel a little bit brighter. These cute cushion covers definitely fit the bill. We're bringing you an excerpt from Tie & Dye: Colorful Clothing, Gifts, And Accessories by Lizzie King; it's already out in the UK and will be released in the US on March 7th (in the meantime, it's available for preorder here). Sunset Cushion Cover This is one… Read more
"As the supply alluded to is to be levied upon all old maids, beyond a certain age, and intitled to certain yearly or other income; I make no doubt but both Houses of Parliament will speedily manifest their hearty concurrence thereto." — The London Magazine, 1777. The 1777 edition of the London Magazine includes an interesting letter to the editor in which a gentleman — who signs himself as "A Friend to the Community" — has appended a proposed bill to levy a tax of "6d. in the pound" on old maids. He claims that this… Read more

Anti-Choice Lawmaker Says Women Are ‘Hosts’ For Fetuses

By Laura McMahon  In Feminism  On Feb 14, 2017

Unfortunately, we are not talking about Sigourney Weaver or the plot to Alien, despite wishing we were. We are referring to comments made by Representative Justin Humphrey of Lane who authored the controversial HB 1441. In Oklahoma this morning, lawmakers discussed the bill that would require women to provide written informed consent from the father when seeking an abortion. Perversely debated on the first V-day in this Trumpian dystopia, the bill would see women’s fundamental rights to autonomy over both their bodies… Read more
As may people have pointed out, Trump has seemed to nominate his cabinet based on loose facsimiles. For example, for the EPA, he nominated Scott Pruitt, who is actively trying to dismantle the agency. For Secretary of Education, he chose Betsy Devos, perhaps because she is a mother and to Donald, that is close enough to a teacher. And now he is nominating Andrew Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants, which owns chain brands Hardee's and Carls Jr., for Labor Secretary. Puzder has many counts against him, including… Read more

Hillary Clinton Suggests A New Job For Michael Flynn

By Rachel Withers  In Feminism  On Feb 14, 2017

In case you missed it, Donald Trump’s controversial national security advisor, Michael Flynn, resigned late Monday amid reports he had misrepresented the nature of his December conversations with the Russian ambassador. Flynn is a controversial figure, not only because he obfuscated details of phonecalls with Russia held while Obama was still in office. He and his son also stoked the flames of #Pizzagate, the insane conspiracy theory positing that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta ran an underground child sex ring in… Read more
Upper management had requested last minute report changes, due the next day. I was crunching numbers on a calculator with my back to my cube’s entrance when I felt someone’s hands descend on my shoulders and start rubbing. “Go, Dena, go!” the senior manager urged me, laughing. I froze while his hands dipped lower. Greg (not his real name) had started at the company a few months ago, and from the beginning, his attentions had been marked. He always stopped at my cube to chat when walking by, or in the hallway. My female… Read more

4 Things Men Need To Do Before They Call Themselves Feminists

By Alessandra Wollner  In Feminism  On Feb 14, 2017

Recently, I woke up to read about a woman who had been silenced at her place of work: on the Senate floor. Day and night, since November 8th, I’ve heard women’s unmitigated howling, fine and high and sounding everywhere — but men can’t hear it. Many men I love call themselves feminists. Many men whose politics I agree with do, too. Fine. But men, I want you to stop talking for a second. I want to see you put your money where your mouths are. Because I’ve heard far too few men ask women this question, the only one that… Read more
Time of Nick The Strokes’ Nick Valensi Steps Up to the Mic With His New Band CRX Nick Valensi has been the Strokes’ resident shredder for almost 20 years, but until recently, he’d never fronted a band himself. As all the other members of the Strokes embarked on various side projects and solo albums, Valensi remained silent. But that all changed this fall with the release of New Skin, the Josh Homme–produced debut album by his new band CRX. “Being on stage and going on tour and playing in front of people is pretty much… Read more
Each day we’re bombarded with increasingly absurd and distressing news, making 2017 feel more like a Salvador Dali painting than another year in history. As understandable as it is to feel hopeless at times, we’re fortunate that there are ways we can speak out. Research shows a strong link between a legislator's understanding of their district and the citizens they have recently spoken to. In the past few weeks, we have seen phone calls change the minds of our representatives. One way to stay regularly engaged with the… Read more

Celebrate Valentine's Day With These 12 Photos of Raw, Real Love

By Marissa Dubecky  In Arts  On Feb 14, 2017

It’s become a bit of a tradition here at BUST to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Adipositivity Project’s annual Valentine Series. Each year, the project’s creator, Substantia Jones, puts together a refreshing collection of photos that resist the homogenous, hetero-normative images of love we are used to seeing every February 14th. Jones understands widespread frustration with the holiday’s tendency to sell love as a product, but as an absolute lover of love, she can’t resist joining the party: “I personally find… Read more
Happy Valentine’s Day! The internet has brought us a present better than chocolates or flowers or even diamonds...a new trailer for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt featuring an amazing homage to Beyoncé’s Lemonade, with Titus Andromedon(Tituss Burgess) taking the part of Beyoncé. The trailer hints that things aren’t going so well between Titus and his adorable construction worker boyfriend Mikey (Mike Carlsen). So, of course, Titus recreates the “Hold Up” sequence of Lemonade. And the “Sorry” sequence. Both with all new… Read more

Jenna Wortham On Her Body-Positive, Diana Ross-Influenced Style

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Feb 14, 2017

Jenna WorthamJournalistBrooklyn, NY Tell me about this outfit.I’m wearing silk pajama pants from ASOS, with an old shell top from Forever 21, and a jacket from & Other Stories. I’m not a big spender on clothes—at least not yet! The shoes are from the “New Look” on ASOS. The earrings I got from The Wrap Life, the choker is a vintage piece, all the rings are from Local Eclectic—which is where I get most of my jewelry— and my glasses are from BonLook. How would you describe your personal style?My personal style is… Read more

Playboy Brings Back Nudity After Less Than A Year Without It

By Leah Thomas  In Sex  On Feb 13, 2017

Playboy magazine is in an "it's complicated" relationship with nudity (a headline you never thought you would see). In October 2015, Playboy announced its decision to no longer publish fully nude photographs of women. Said decision was put into effect five months later in March 2016, when its first no-nudity monthly edition was published, featuring only shots that were deemed “semi-revealing." Now, less than one year later, the magazine has made public its return to the classic topless-blonde-with-bunny-ears-and-double… Read more

Take Action With BUST's 'Revolution Issue!'

By Emily  In Feminism  On Feb 13, 2017

Women all over the world are mad as hell — and that’s just one reason why BUST’s new “Revolution Issue” is one of our fastest-selling issues of all time. I think it’s fair to say that the results of our latest presidential election made the entire staff of BUST freak the fuck out. But we didn’t just grieve or get angry; we got to WORK! Immediately after it became clear that DT would become our new SCROTUS (So-Called Ruler of The United States), we reached out to some of the most politically-active women we knew, and… Read more

Leslie Jones, Why You Gotta Tease Like That?

By Jen Pitt  In Entertainment  On Feb 13, 2017

This weekend on SNL, Leslie Jones performed a sketch where she prepared to play Donald Trump. It began with her and Bobby Moynihan admiring Baldwin's rendition of the SCROTUS (So Called Ruler...) when Moynihan says, "He'll have so much material for the next four years." This lights up Leslie who responds with, "He's going to be doing this for the next four years? Doesn't Alec have other stuff to do?" Which begs the question, "But who's going to replace him?" And there it was, Leslie knew what she had to do — prove to… Read more

13 Important Moments From The Grammys

By Aoife Kelly  In Music  On Feb 13, 2017

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards took place last night in 2017's dystopian America, and while there were plenty of deserving (and less-deserving) winners, there was one clear loser: President Agent Orange — I mean, Trump. 1. James Corden’s not-totally-cringe-inducing opening monologue rap called out Trump and called for unity with the lines "With President Trump we don't know what comes next / We sit here tonight, don't matter our race, where we were born or color of face / using this art, remember forever, we can survive… Read more
In a not-so-shocking article, the New York Post once again showed their blatant sexism. An article titled “Madonna needs to start acting like a mom” used sexist logic to make the argument that — because Madonna is politically active and doesn’t look and act like a stereotypical soccer mom — she is an unfit mother. While the fact that this is coming from the New York Post pretty much disqualifies all credibility, let’s just go through their sexist points and prove them wrong — for funsies. The fact that Madonna is… Read more
Kelly Fremon Craig has accomplished something that few first-time directors do. Her film, The Edge Of Seventeen, has been nominated for 11 major awards so far, including the Critics Choice Award for Best Comedy, the Golden Globe for Best Actress — Motion Picture Comedy Or Musical, and the New York Film Critics Circle for Best First Film, which Craig won. But the accolades were a long time coming for Craig, who started her career as a screenwriter — she wrote the screenplay for the Alexis Bledel flop Post Grad, which… Read more

Tammy Pierce Is Unloveable: Bummer — A Comic

By BUST Magazine  In Entertainment  On Feb 13, 2017

From the magazine, we're bringing you Esther Pearl Watson's Tammy Pierce Is Unlovable — we run one of these comics in every other issue of BUST magazine. Visit Tammy at funchicken.com. More from BUST Tammy Pierce Is Unlovable: The Narc Called Me 'Supergirl Being Super' Is The Feminist Comic We Need 14 Books By Women To Make Your February A Little Brighter Read more
Pro-life protesters gathered around the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Clinic in Lower Manhattan on Saturday, only to be met by pro-choice advocates, whose dramatically larger numbers adequately overpowered the anti-abortion group. Did Mitch McConnell not tell them how persistent we are? The Planned Parenthood protestors may have been inspired by the post-election action taken by their opponents, including the Women’s Marches in Washington D.C, Los Angeles, New York and others, which were reported to have 3-5… Read more

Here's One Way To Empower Girls

By Jen Pitt  In Feminism  On Feb 13, 2017

The Girl Scouts just celebrated 100 years and their report shows that Girl Scouting has made a difference in the lives of the girls themselves and the world around them. Growing up, if we are lucky, we are provided with a few solid role models; maybe a hardworking mother, maybe an excellent school teacher, but throughout the year’s women have not had specific places where they were encouraged to thrive. Girl Scouts provided exactly that, forming a community of women who are empowered enough to enact positive change… Read more

7 Things to Know If ICE Comes to Your Door

By Samantha Mercado  In Living  On Feb 13, 2017

Ever since Trump signed his Executive Order on immigration — one of his first in office _ there has been noticeable fear in immigrant communities across the country. Last week’s widespread raids that seemed to sweep the country are only solidifying that fear for many who are in the country illegally. The Obama administration was no stranger to deportations — deporting approximately 2 million — but under the Obama administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents had a clear focus on who was to be deported.… Read more




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