8 Super-Easy DIY Mittens to Make NOW!

Looking to get crafty this winter? If you're like me and have no idea how to crochet or knit,have no fear: making mittens can be as easy as cutting up a pair of socks! Check out these DIY mitten ideas. They can make great holiday gifts!

1- Transform your old sweater into cute, simple-to-make mittens.


2- Make these wooly mittens to stay warm this winter.
3- Dazzle it up with some beads and sequins to create beautiful patterns.
4- Socks don't always have to be for your feet! Cut them up and embellish them to make these rad fingerless gloves.
5- Bored of your old gloves? Stitch them together for a color-block look.
6- Recycle old gloves to make them flip top convertible mittens.
7- Make some chic floral-embelished mittens.
8- And finally, you don't have to sacrifice your warmth to play on your phone! You can make any of these touch-screen friendly with conductive thread.

Stay crafty and warm this winter!


Thanks to Pinterest.

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