6-8 Months Gallery to Show Until the End of the World

Attention! To those interested in the BUST Blog, BUST Magazine, and media in all shapes and sizes who are looking for something to do this Thursday night:

6-8 Months gallery is showing the film Until the End of the World on July 22nd from 6:30 - 11 PM, as well as having a discussion afterward led by Laura Simms. Highlights will include music by Jenn Kelly, Nora Balaban, Kaia Wong and a special performance from Zimbabwean musician Garikayi Tirikoti on the "lively amplified mbira." Refreshments will be available and there is a suggested donation of $6-8. (Clever!) All proceeds will go to the Mothers and Children Project in Haiti.

According to the gallery:
"Narrative about what we see and hear shape our reality as much as sight and hearing themselves. The struggle between story and actuality seems endless, and perhaps, at the same time, unnecessary. Is it possible that story and perception are one and the same? What do you think?"

...Intriguing! I think that I might now have plans this Thursday.


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