5 Mensa Members Under 5 (Spoiler: They're All Girls)

How many states do you know? How about capitals? How about global capitals? Do you know what SCUBA stands for without sprinting to Google?

This is not a 5th grade drill to shame you - it's to emphasize how smart these little geniuses are. After coming across a video of Anala Beevers, a Mensa Member at age 4, with an  IQ in the top 1% of the human population, I was a little curious about other mini Mensa members. 

Apparently, being young and very intelligent is not a direct indication of the child's future - aka they can grow up and to be very normal people, which makes the Mensa induction at such a young age seem a little premature, but it's still fascinating to see how much info these little kiddies know at such a young age.

Here are 5 Mensa members under 5 (spoiler) that are all girls. 

Anala Beevers, 4 years old



Heidi Hankins, 4 years old


Selena Jenkins, 3 years old 

Elise Tan-Roberts 2 years old

Emmelyn Roettger, 2 years old





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