4 Summer Survival Strategies for Pale Chicks

“Paper, Snow, a Ghost!” Oh wait, that’s just you. But not to fret “oh pale one,” in this perilous wilderness of perfectly bronzed Victoria’s Secret Models, self tanner-racked CVS shelves, and tanning booth-lined street corners, the temptation is real, and us fair chicks gotsta stay together! If you’re reading this, you’re one of two people. Either you’ve failed to conform to societies demand for tan-- tried every self tanner/voodoo tanning solution that exists and have come out looking like an orange glob of Vitiligo. 

23 Things Only Pale People Will Understand

OR, you’ve decided to rise above this fad and let out your inner ideal renaissance painting! No matter where you fall on the spectrum, no shame, we are all in this together, journeying on the same wobbly (pale) lifeboat, struggling to reach the proverbial island of “hot and awesome.” Honey, I am right here with you, and I have got just what you need! (cue dramatic choir music) I bestow upon thee: The Declassified Survival Guide for Pale Chicks.

1. Wear WhatYou Feel Good In

While I do have a soft spot for sunny, warm weather-- I have to admit, I thrive in the winter. Us pale girls have that majestic snow-queen thing going on. Usually during this time I’ll crank out the blush to get that classic I-was-just-outside–in-the-freezing-cold-look, that’s freaking adorable for some reason. But once it gets warm and my Facebook newsfeed floods with tan Cancun bikini pics-- that is when panic ensues. Magazines are consumed with the idealistic “beach body,” but they fail to address the fact that no matter how “thin and fit” you are-- the paleness stays. I have a few small tips that could help to combat feeling "too pale":

  • Avoid white bathing suits. While this color is a godsend for tan people- pale people should avoid it at all costs- unless they don’t mind hearing: “Oh sorry I didn’t see you there!”
  • Fair skinned ladies might want to avoid wearing black or tan because both will wash them out. I recommend wearing bright colors like turquoise, red, light blue, purple. Even navy blue compliments fairer skin.
  • As for bathing suit styles-- it totally depends on your personal style, although, I do think that fair skin looks glorious with a vintage inspired look, perhaps more so than tan folks. Take a risk and try a high wasted swimsuit!
  • Also, try accessorizing at the beach with a cool hat or head band. I find that this can also be a really cute look for paler ladies-- it creates an Audrey Hepburn vibe (a fellow fair skinned lady!)- not to mention, a hat makes a darned good sun shield  
  • This is a given but WEAR SUNSCREEN. Pale is cute, red is not. Anything over SPF 30 is the same. Apply periodically, yadayada.23 Things Only Pale People Will Understand

2. Makeup Your Face: Bring Out The Sexy Ghost Within

  • Use pale eye shadow. Bright colors show up way more on pale people-- so avoid. Unless your trying to look like a clown. For a night look, depending on your eye and hair color, darker shades can be super hot.
  • Looking for a cat-eye alternative, use brown or dark grey eyeliner for summer lightness.
  • Foundation/Powder is your lifeline. Unfortunately for us, blemishes are more noticeable on pale skin. It's important that you get the right shade. (Look for ivory, porcelain or cream shades).  
  • Blush is really cute on pale people, but don’t overdo it, especially if you are a little sunburnt. Just a dash of light pink blush on the cheekbones will do the trick!
  • I don’t use bronzer- I’ve heard of people using it a little bit along their jaw line- but be careful!
  • A light lip color looks really good- nothing too dark unless you’re going for a more dramatic look. For certain people red looks really hot. I am, unfortunately, not one of those people.

For makeup, just remember, less is ALWAYS more. Basically just experiment with different shades and see what works!

3. Get Dat Summer Wardrobe

  • White rule still applies for clothes. Beware of washing yourself out!
  • Black however, can look really fierce if you do it right. I love the look of black and denim with maybe a bright lipstick.
  • When wearing dresses/gowns, pale pink, coral, and even pearl can look pretty with pale skin-- get dat renaissance look.             
  • I also find for some reason that pale people really pull off military, polka dot, and flannel patterns.
  • I know this seems weird because I said colorful bathing suits are cute, but I really think darker pant shades compliment fair skin. I usually go for olive, blue, or black, although there are ALWAYS exceptions.
  • My personal rule of thumb is earth tones in the fall and winter, brighter colors in the spring and summer (bright–color-rule for pants doesn’t apply to skirts and dresses).

4. Hair Essentials

  • ITS SOOOO IMPORTANT that you don’t dye your hair the wrong color. Of course this always depends on your personal style, but make sure that you don't wash yourself out with light hair-dye. 

Okay so those are pretty much all the tips that I can think of! If anyone reading this has anything else to add please do so in the comments!! I will leave ya’ll with some final words of wisdom: the best way to own your pale is to do so with confidence. Love your skin, more importantly love the person beneath the skin, because that is where the real beauty lies. Don’t try to keep up with trends that tell you that you need to change who you are in order to be happy or “worthy.” You are enough. I think  that the most important part of “beauty,” is not to try to be perfect, but to work with what you’ve got and embrace the aspects of yourself that make you, you. 

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