15 Statements Of Support For Victims Of Sexual Assault


After a recent rape trial divided the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA, the English and psychology student Hannah Boes took action to combat the pervasive rape culture that often persists on college campuses. She founded William & Mary Stands With Survivors, an online catalog of photographs “dedicated to showcasing allies who support sexual assault survivors and refuse to perpetuate rape culture, or the attitudes that normalize and sustain assault.”



With the help of individuals who send in their images along with their personal reasons for standing by survivors, Boes hopes to reach out to the classmate who recently lost her trial as well as to other survivors, “whether they [have] come out about their experience or not.” This moving and extensive display of courage and solidarity has been a source of hope for survivors, and we hope the project continues to expand and grow. 



Thanks to Buzzfeed and Hannah Boes/William & Mary Stands With Survivors

Images via Hannah Boes/William & Mary Stands With Survivors

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